Tuesday, November 29, 2016


Good day and I hope you are having a great day.  This week’s blog post is going to tag on to last week’s blog on happiness.  Inner peace goes hand in hand with the attainment of happiness.  When I read this Zen Card, I was reminded of the lesson Dr. Joe Vitale taught in the “Attractor Factor”.  There is a part of the deliberate manifesting that is very hard to do, and yet it is critical.  It is letting it go. 

Let me get into this from the stand point of  The Law of Attraction (LOA) to make it clear.  When we desire something, especially if it is something out of our comfort zone, or something we really, really want, massive amount of resistance happens to tag along.  Let me ask you a question.  Where do you think wanting something really, really bad comes from? OK I will make it a multiple choice question for you. Do you think it comes from (a) Scarcity, or (b) abundance? You got it. You can feel it don’t you?  When we really want, or need something that is coming from scarcity and scarcity will only bring about more opportunities to have scarcity.  It will not bring inner peace which is what you need to be a deliberate creator. 

But letting go is not an easy thing to do when you really want something. Also what about keeping your vision in mind and all that? Is this a contradiction in terms? Not really.  Remember the first rule of manifesting is to be specific and know exactly what you want. That is the reason you keep your vision in mind and go over it over and over. To make sure that you are completely clear on what you want.  That has nothing to do with the “wanting it so bad and that you pass into the desperation”.  Letting go does not mean that you have to force yourself to forget about it.  On the contrary it means to enjoy the vision, enjoy the certainty that it is coming and “TRUSTING” the Universe that it will come at the perfect time in the perfect way. 

Trusting the Universe has been called faith, belief, hope, but no matter what you call it, the bottom line is to know that what you want is coming to you at the perfect time in the perfect way.  That is the reason the 2nd law of manifesting is that the “HOW” is not your responsibility.  That does not mean you don’t plan. You plan for your actions as you get the inspirations to take steps.  However do not force the issue the way you want it, and be fluid enough to adjust your plan as you get feedback from the Universe in the form of your feelings.  When things feel like they are just too far away, or that they are too needy, then you are NOT on the right track.  It has to feel good to you.  Keep that in mind. Your emotions are what powers your visions.  It is not always easy to go with what feels good, especially when you want something bad.  After all when we don’t have what we want we don’t feel good. That is your indication to let it go for “now”. 
Remember, when you ask it is always given.  So when you let it go, it does not mean that your desire is not going to come to you anymore.  You are just taking a breather to make yourself calm and get yourself on the right vibration.  It does get easier with practice, I promise you. 

I hope this makes sense to you and as always please feel free to share this with anyone who can benefit.  Don’t forget to leave me comments on my Facebook page and Twitter feed. Until next week, to your success.  

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