Tuesday, November 22, 2016


Hi. No matter what we say and how much we actually understand The Law of Attraction (LOA), there are people, and circumstances that make us turn negative. For me it is my kids. When they are unhappy, I am unhappy. Perhaps if you are a parent you can relate.  So what does it take to keep the balance? How do you keep on reaching for something that feels good in the face of your loved ones or other similar circumstances not being happy?

It comes to something so simple that it is fundamental.  You need to keep your life condition elevated if you want to be any good to anyone, or anything you love. If there is no one you love, perhaps it is something that is important to you. I have met people who had no real relational connection but they had companies or projects that meant the same to them as my kids mean to me.  There is no judgement here, just answers. 

Happiness is a choice. Not one that we always think we have control but it is a choice.  The better you are at making that choice when things are not hectic, the better you will be at making that choice when the crap hits the fan. The Buddhists believe that at whatever condition they pass from this life, they return to it in the next, so their primary goal in life is to keep their life condition at a high level at all time because you never know when you pass.  This did not really make sense to me until I thought about it from the stand point of LOA. 

It comes down to the basic definition of what The Law of Attraction does.  You attract to yourself the energy of what you feel.  If we are all energy that comes from the source and returns to the source, then your feelings that have attracted that energy to you will continue to attract that energy to you when you wake from a sleep or if you happen to prescribe to the idea that we go non-physical at our “death” and since we are all part of the same energy, a different physical manifestation, but a part of our energy then can also be again manifested, it will attracting to it, what  energy it had attracted prior to going non-physical.  Deep isn’t it?

It does not matter if you believe in reincarnation, God, Source, or anything at all. The key here is that your goal in life should be to keep your life condition at the highest level you can, because you are a part of the energy that created, and keeps this Universe going, and the more of us who can keep our life condition high, the more positive the Universe can be. It starts with one person, and who knows, in a decade or sooner, maybe there will be a positive world where we concentrate on the good instead of the bad by default.

I am looking forwards to that and I hope you are as well. As always feel free to pass this along, and comment on my Facebook and Twitterpage. Till next week, to your success. 

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