Tuesday, November 1, 2016


Good day, and I hope you are having a great week.  This week I wanted to explore the actions that you want to take when faced with disappointments, or are let down by people or organizations.  In our Western world, it seems that the right action to facing  disappointment is to return the favor, or complain. Many people will jump on their favorite social media outlet and either complain to their “friends” or disparage the party who disappointed them. I want to approach this situation from the perspective of The Law of Attraction (LOA). 

As I deepen my study of Nichririn Buddhism, I also gain a deeper understanding of the LOA.  If for example you happened to be disappointed at your work. Your boss is constantly mean to you.  You have been overlooked for deserved promotions. Your colleagues do not appreciate you.  It would be easy for you to retaliate by just cruising along, or jumping ship and going to a different institution.  However, let’s explore the energy and vibration of such actions.  If you retaliate, you are essentially asking for more opportunities to be disappointed because you are sending out a negative vibration.  You cannot take retaliatory action without bringing the same type of attributes into your life.  It is a Universal Law.  Not knowing the law does not make you immune to it.

If you jump ship, it may or may not be a right choice for you.  It all depends on the vibration and the feeling that is behind the action.  Perhaps the Universe has other opportunities in store for you.  Perhaps you needed a jump start, or a kick in the butt to expand yourself.  Realize the reality that  if you happened to do this because you are feeling like you are not being appreciated, this vibration will follow you wherever you go.  This feeling of not being appreciated, is what you are putting out and your destination is irrelevant. The vibration and the feelings will follow you.  You can end up working at Google, or Microsoft, or your favorite institution, and yet you will continue to have the opportunities to experience these feelings of disappointments. So what is the answer? What should you do?

Coincidently the Buddhist way of approaching these situations, are extremely similar to how you  should handle them through the use of The Law of Attraction (LOA).  The answer is simple in concept, yet difficult to do.   You do the best you can where you are.  You be the best person you are.  You try to help even the people who have “let you down” because it is not about them.  It is about you and the vibration that you send out.  By being the best you can be, you are attracting the opportunities to shine the best within you and sooner or later someone will notice.  This is not an easy practice to put into action, but it is the right thing to do. As you know the LOA states whatever vibration you put out, you attract the opportunities to experience those same situations.  You do the work you do because of who you are. You put the effort that you put into your work because of who you are.   If who you are is someone who just gives half @$$ed effort, then you will attracted the results of being mediocre.   You will attract more situations and opportunities to be just ok, and you will even find evidence that it is the right thing to do.  We will see what we want to see.  Friends may suddenly empathize with you.  You will see people in your same situation retaliating.  You may think you have been passed over for promotions, yet the reality is that the Universe knows exactly the right time and the right situation for your best interest.  You just never give up and continue to do what you are doing to the best of your abilities. 

If you did not receive the rewards that you believe you deserved, rest assured that something better is on its way to you.  This is not an easy pill to swallow when you are faced with the situation in your present moment.  It is the TRUTH, and it will take time for this truth to sink in.  It will take time for understanding to come, and if the disappointment is something that is happening to you right now, I advise you to take some time before you make any decisions on  the future of your actions. Do not make rash decisions in the heat of being absorbed with emotions.  Weigh your options carefully, and do your due diligence.   Make the choice when you are calm and in the right frame of mind.  You don’t want to make a choice which on the surface looks great but will end up costing you more disappointments. 

I hope this makes sense. Please feel free to share this with anyone who may benefit from it, and as always comment on my Facebook page, and Twitter feed. Till next week, I wish you continued success. 

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