Tuesday, February 15, 2011


Good day. When I read the headline above the first time in an inspirational book, I got a strong feeling of disagreement in the pit of my stomach. How could problems be good? Aren’t success and the Law of Attraction supposed to prevent problems from happening to me? Then I opened my mind and read the explanation. I read the explanation many times. At first I could not get rid of the strong emotions that would creep up as I disagreed. Perhaps it was because I was reading this when a number of challenges had popped up in my life. I had to evict not one but two tenants, I had a new baby that was taxing my wife and my patience, and I had to deal with some extensive travel plans. As I am sitting in the airport at LAX today on my way to a freezing cold weather, I can’t help but smile because I am taking action and choosing how I react to situations. A large part of it involves gratitude.
The explanation given in many books I have read in regards to problems is that without them there would not be a metric for achievements. Think about it, if you don’t have problems how would you yearn for things that are better. As human being we are constantly looking for better things because the status quo will get old, boring, uncomfortable, or in a nutshell present us with a “problem”. If you have been a reader of this blog from the beginning, or have read my e-book Road Map to Life or any book that explains the Law of Attraction you know that the concepts of bringing what you want into your life are based on what you are experiencing now and what you would like to experience which is usually but not always, something better than your current experience. Besides the fact that problems provide you with the opportunity to learn and know how to deal with similar situations in the future or not make the same mistakes, they also provide you with a frame of reference to let you know you are growing towards more and more success. So the more problems you face, the closer you are to your goals. I challenge you to find one successful person who has not had problems in their professional or personal life. The reason they are successful is in a large part due to the way they handle their reactions and attitude in dealing with their problems. Let me break the news to you: when you stop having problems you are dead. Life is a series of challenges and most will agree the fun in succeeding is overcoming and learning to handle our problems with positive mental attitude and seeing the problems in their true context. When we are calm, and collected most problems that seem extraordinary are seldom that bad. Most of us are conditioned to react to problems in an exaggerated fashion. Things are never hopeless, and by forcing yourself to look at your problems with a positive mental attitude you will save yourself time, money and frustration in dealing with them.  One way or another you have to deal with the problem. If you get upset and frustrated you only decrease your ability to be judgmental and logical and that benefits no one. By reacting in a negative way you make people around you and those you love uncomfortable and that only adds to your frustration. So you see you do have a choice in how you react to the problem at hand. It is hard, but like any other skill it can be mastered with practice. Do not criticize yourself if you cannot do it immediately. It is the journey not the destination that is important. Take it one step at a time and little by little you will gain the skill to handle problems big and small with positive mental attitude.
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