Tuesday, May 20, 2014


Good day and I hope you are doing well this week.  Today I want to explore the saying that “you can either be right or be happy” from the standpoint of the Law of Attraction.  Does there have to be a choice? Where is the line when it comes to your loved ones, your friends, your colleagues? How can you tell what to do? What is better? What if something is really important to you? Do you have to compromise?

You can probably see where I am going to go with this if you are a regular reader of this blog or if you have had experience with The Law of Attraction (LOA).  From The Law of Attraction perspective there is nothing more important than feeling good. There are times in my experiences, specially dealing with my children, that I feel my ego jumps in the way of my happiness and that prevents me from manifesting what I want.

Let’s get into the meat of the matter with a personal example.  If I only concentrate on being right when it comes to dealing with my children, the feelings that are generated are not usually very positive or productive.  Sometimes I justify this because of fear of a physical harm coming to them. At other instances I can’t even tell why I did what I did. I was not present in the moment.  The emotions took over and ran away and I was going by default reacting and letting my “so called reality” dictate my emotional vibration.  When most people are disciplining someone they rarely feel good about the process.  Looking at that from The LOA point of view we can see that when we start to feel negative thoughts, we will start to attract more and more opportunities to keep feeling negative thoughts. The next time you start to feel like you have to make a decision between being right or be happy, explore options to see if you can be happy and bring the other party to see your point of views  by positive reinforcement instead of negative reinforcement.  It will be difficult at first because we are so used to reacting in times like this. It will take a conscious decision to look outside of the box.  Don’t beat yourself up if you do not recognize the situation at first. Keep on trying and you will get better at it. 

When it comes to disciplining or mentoring, the old cliché that “you can attract more bees with honey than vinegar” is very apt.  Studies have shown that negative reinforcement, even though successful immediately, rarely change behavior long term.  Whereas positive reinforcement very easily, and more effectively  changes long term behavior.  When you are using positive reinforcement you are also feeling good not only about the situation at hand, but also about the fact that you can control your own behavior  and reaction in a situation that normally would evoke emotions that would lead you to spiral into a negative reactionary mood which would emanate negative vibration from you.  That is a big win. So it is extremely important for you to monitor your feelings when you are faced with situations that elicit your ego’s response to being right.  Try to plan ahead if you can anticipate situations that will be bringing to light this dichotomy.  When I take my children to the park or to a restaurant, I have to keep myself ready for times where they may not be acting properly, and when I plan for it, it is much easier to act appropriately as opposed to react to the situation.

When you succeed in working with this concept and practice with this principle you will very quickly realize that you can be both happy and right, however lead with your feelings rather than your thoughts.  Let you heart lead instead of your head.  This is especially difficult if you happen to be in a position of authority and your go to trigger is your mental faculties. It takes some rewiring of your responses.  In the long run it will be more productive and healthier for you and for those you love and work with. 

I hope this blog post was helpful to you.  Please do not forget to leave me comments and share your thoughts on the Facebook Page and / or my Twitter feed so we can benefit from different points of view. As always share this with your friends, and anyone who can benefit from it. Till next week to your success.  

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