Tuesday, October 7, 2014


Good day and I hope you are having a great week. In this post I want to cover something that haunts even the best practitioners of success principles and The Law of Attraction.  Some people call it PROCRASTINATION, some call it FEAR, it does not matter what you call it. There are some subtleties that we should be aware of when we sit down,  visualize what we want,  set our goals, and if we are really good,  set a deadline.  We sometimes neglect the one key thing.  That one important thing we may not do is to take IMMEDIATE ACTION on those goals.  Think about it.  How many times have you set goals and said you will star tomorrow, or next month, or by the new year, or as soon as so and so happens?

Many times that hesitation between the excitement of creating the goal and the initiation of the plan to complete it creates the doubts and fear that challenge even the best of us.  When you let things sit, that initial high emotional vibration that you sent out to the Universe gets stagnated.   It is like rolling a snow ball down the hill. I started to create that initial snowball, but  I  never actually put it down and start rolling it so it becomes a boulder.  I  just left it in the snow and walked away.  Isn't it sad?

You can see from that analogy that the vibration that is sent out to the universe has initiated to create the opportunities for me to achieve your success. However, not taking action is signaling to the universe that I want more opportunities to NOT TAKE ACTION.  And the Universe will reply in kind.  More opportunities will come to procrastinate.  I will find excuses.  I will find justifications for my fears, and pretty soon the spark that initiated that goal will die, and my progress is doomed before it even gets started.

One of the key things that Napoleon Hill points out in his all-time best seller Think and Grow Rich  is that when you set plans to achieve your objective, start IMMEDIATELY TO TAKE action.  Many teachers like Jack Canfield, and Dr. Joe Vitale preached that you should take at least one step every day that takes you close to your goal, and that is great but,  you need to start immediately when you set that goal and get the ball rolling. 

You will be amazed how wonderful beginning of the journey feels.  The sense of accomplishment that you get for actually taking that first step towards your objective is amazing and that feeling and that vibration will in all likelihood carry you through to the next step.  So don’t forget to celebrate and reward yourself for starting immediately.  Having said that, be careful not to try to tackle the monster in one go.   Break down your goals into manageable steps so each step will not seem intimidating.  That way you can take steps, reward your success, get feedback and analyze your progress and if needed,  go ahead and change and correct your course. 

I hope this post was valuable to you. As always please feel free to share and comment on my Facebook page and Twitter feed. I always love to hear from you and we can all learn together from multiple experiences. Till next week, to your success. 

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