Tuesday, February 3, 2015


Good day and I hope you are doing well this week. Today I wanted to talk about some deep underlying thoughts that we need to bring to the surface to be able to enjoy the use of The Law of Attraction (LOA), and the process of reaching success when it comes to dealing with people who hurt us. 

I was listening to a Christian radio station in my rental car as I was leaving the airport, when something caught my attention.  Right before the music set began there was a teaser referring to the fact that the people that hurt you are sent by God.  It was a nice teaser for the next segment and I wanted to see where that discussion was going to lead.  I also started to think about the implication of this in my own life.  Could this really effect my life?  As always, I thought about it from the LOA point of view. The law states that there is no scarcity, and lack.  In an ideal situation, if we were not conditioned with some resistance beliefs there wouldn’t be anyone who hurt us. But we share this universe with other beings, and we are also shaped by our interactions with other people.  Many of us have  a belief of not being worthy.  If you are honest with yourself, you can probably attest to the fact that there are times where you feel not worthy, or feel like you have to do something to receive benefits.  Like you need challenges in your life.

All of these underlying resistance beliefs manifest themselves in your life.  No matter how much visualization, and prosperity feeling you send out, if you have this belief that you are not worthy, the opportunities manifest so you have to work “hard enough” until you feel that you are worthy of achieving your goal. You have to deal with people that hurt you. You have deal with challenges.  Getting back to the Spiritual conversation on the radio, the punch line was that God sends people into your life that hurt you to see if you can see the silver lining in it. This can also be related to the practice of the LOA.  It is actually a positive way of looking at it. Whether you are spiritual, or not is irrelevant in regards to this topic.  Think of it as practice and exercise for getting stronger in this endeavor.  Every time somebody hurts you, or you are having any kind of challenges, it becomes a very good habit and a positive outlook to try to say “ok, so now I am in the gym working out my Law of Attraction Muscle”.  “What is the silver lining in this? How can I benefit from this?” Of course if you are spiritual then things are much easier.    

If you cannot reach anything that feels better at the time, just know that you are now exercising your LOA muscle, and the mere fact that you are looking for that better feeling is strengthening your ability to deal with negativity, and turn it into something positive.  You are sending replacing vibration. You are working your way to the positive.  That is incredibly commendable.   Remember we can’t stop negativity.  We can only replace it with something positive, because the Universe does not recognize words, or thoughts of negation.  You cannot fight negativity, because that is the only thing you will start attracting to you.  You have to replace it with a positive thought and productive ways of dealing with challenges.  This practice sounds simple and it is a great tool.  It will be difficult because when you are hurt, or are facing challenges, the last think you reach for is positive emotions. Here is where the difference lies in people who manifest their life by intent, and those who rely on reflex emotional reactions and go about by default feeling good when things are good, and feeling like crap when stuff hits the fan.  Which one do you want to be? Challenge yourself to start seeing the silver lining.  Do it for 30 days.  See how it will change your life, not just your day to day activity.  It will CHANGE YOUR LIFE. 

I hope you enjoyed this post. As always if you have some experience with this topic, or you have challenges, or comments on this topic, click on my Facebook Page or Twitter link and share with me and other readers your thoughts.  I really enjoy interacting with you the readers, and I think we all learn allot from each other.  Till next week, here is to your success.  

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