Tuesday, March 10, 2015


Good day and I hope you are having a great week. This blog started  5 years ago, with me putting down my frustrations, and consciously trying to change my vibrations from negative to positive.  I’ve continued to do that over the years in the hopes that the challenges that I have had,  are common to many people, and the lessons I am learning from different teachers and The Law of Attraction (LOA), that have made a positive impact in my life and have helped me, will help my readers and others.  To that point, I wanted to discuss a particular quirk that I have personally, again in the hopes that it will help those of you that may have the same personality as I do, or who make the same challenging choices as I have at times. I am very analytical. I like to have things very organized, and plan things for events. I don’t like to be surprised when it comes to important matters.  As part of this kind of habit and attitude I find myself exploring the” what ifs” of what can go wrong?  Even after studying the Law of Attraction and practicing it in my life for over 5 years, I tend to justify, that I am looking out for my best interest by planning for the worst and hoping for best.  Those who know me well, have heard me quote the warrior saying “the more you sweat in practice, the less you bleed in battle” many times.

 All of that is great, and have a place in our finance, business, and personal life. The thing to remember however is, when we are going through preparing for the worst, what kind of feelings are we sending out.  Remember the Law of Attraction (LOA) is not just our thoughts. It is powered and amplified by the emotions that we put behind those thoughts. Let me give you a small example to clarify this.  Let’s say I am planning a trip from San Diego to Long Beach.  A small 100 miles trip. Not a big deal if you have taken this trip routinely.  Let’s say it is my first time,  and I am over analyzing the situation and I want to plan for what if I get a  flat tire?  Simple right? Now if my thoughts and emotions are “oh my God what if I get a flat tire?  I’m going to have to pull from the fast lane to the other side of the 5 lane freeway. I drive a van. Where is the spare located. Is there a screw on the inside? Do I have to crawl underneath the van? Oh my God, is my AAA card active and do I need to call them?” All of these thoughts are coming from a feeling of desperation, fear, negativity.  You may or may not be able to get the perspective from these written words here, but if you heard me speak them you would definitely hear the pain.

Now the same thing could be handled from  a more powerful and in control vibration.  I am taking that same trip from San Diego to Long Beach.  I want to be prepared if there is a flat tire.  I know that the road is a wonderful freeway, with the bulk of the trip on a  5 lanes paved and modern interstate. On either side of the freeway there are wide emergency lanes very conveniently located to pull to the side. I know my van is very new, so the chances of my tire having a flat are very slim.  I know there is an instruction manual in the glove compartment, so even if I don’t know how to reach the spare, it will take me no more than 5-10 minutes to find the instructions in the manual (remember I am analytical) which is very well written.  Do you see the confidence and more positive feeling behind the second way of dealing with issues versus the first method? 

I hope this becomes evident, because many of us specially as parents, husbands, significant others, and those who have to look out for not just  ourselves, but also family and friends tend to imagine the worst.  We tend to get worked up over things that in most cases will never happen.  We need to reach for our emotions and let that be a cue to us.  When we start to feel  nervous, and negative about topics, we need to change that. Because negativity will only bring about opportunities for us to feel more negative.  We don’t want those incidences of “what if”, to suddenly become our reality. 

I hope this makes sense and helps. Please comment on my Facebook page and twitter feed about anything  that is unclear and I will reply to you. As always, until next week, to your success.  

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