Tuesday, August 25, 2015


Good day and I hope you are having a wonderful week. Today I go back to one of my favorite shows of recent times Shark Tank. The business advice that Mark Cuban gives over and over in that show to would be entrepreneurs is priceless and so to the point in using The Law of Attraction (LOA) .  The advice is simple, but by no means does that mean you should  take it lightly, or dismiss it.  What is that advice? Get your product out there.

So simple. Many times entrepreneurs get fixated on “perfecting” their product before they launch.  They plan, and modify, and plan and modify and plan some more, but have no idea if there is even a market for this great widget.  The same is true with The LOA principles.   The best way I can summarize this is, “to be in the present moment”.

When we visualize and work on our vibration it is so easy to want to plan ahead and delve into the how.  The more you attempt to do this the more there is the  possibly of resistance creeping into the equation in the form of doubt, or fear. It is normal for humans to want to concentrate on what is wrong, or what can go wrong.  No matter how successful you are, that is always in the back of your mind.  While a certain level of realism is great, you do have to do the things that will move you forwards NOW

It is so crucial with your practice of LOA to take the inspired actions on the opportunities that present themselves now.  Each step of the way will open up doors for your next action step to happen. Even when you get rejected and or things don’t go as planned, realize that it is a needed step of the process. You needed to experience this set back so in the future you will not be making a bigger mistake.  Believe that you will accomplish the final results, and move where you are inspired to move.  But MOVE NOW

There are thinkers, and then there are doers.  You have to have a certain amount of thinking.  That is where everything begins, and takes shape.  That is where the vibration of desire come from.  There is a disconnect between your reality now and what you want = desire.  You already have send out the vibration.  You visualize and concentrate on the final results the way you want them to be.  You bring your vibration to the feeling of having the success, and feeling good about it.  This is where opportunities start showing up and since you are in tune with the vibration you are now noticing those opportunities.  Then there is that part of you that will keep on saying but then what? Or How am I going to do that after this? 

Stop yourself and take the action that is needed now.  Take the action and send the Universe the message that you are “wanting” what you want.  That in turn will bring you more opportunities to move you ahead.  It is not “I have all the steps outlined and then I will start”. Nothing will ever go as planned.  It is important to have a plan, but it is more important to start, and keep on taking small actions steps to move through the plan and modify if needed. 

I hope this makes sense and triggers you to move now.  If you have any questions or comments please click on my Facebook link and Twitter feed and share your questions and inputs.  Till next week, here is to your success. 

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