Tuesday, October 18, 2016


Good day and I hope you are having a great week.  I want you to concentrate on this quote: “We ordinary people can see neither our own eyelashes, which are so close, nor the heavens in the distance…” This quote by Nichirin Daishonin a Buddhist monk is trying to reassure a friend’s wife in a letter explaining that the causes of happiness and suffering does not lie outside of us but within us.  This blog is far from being a religious forum, I do however find supporting material for each weeks post in many different places and this week it happened to be present in a Buddhist Monk’s writings.  Nichirin is believed by one of the Buddhist sects in Japan to be the “Buddha of latter day of the law”.  He is credited with emphasizing and teaching The Buddha’s latter message written in the Lotus Sutra that all people are able to achieve enlightenment in their lifetime.  This was a major bifurcation from the traditional religions of feudal Japan and even within Buddhism prior to the Lotus Sutra, the belief was that enlightenment took many lifetimes to attain. 

What I find fascinating in this quote is the fact that many practitioners of The Law of Attraction (LOA), seem to fall prey to the same error. I know I have personally.  The Law of Attraction (LOA) teaches us that we control our reality.  ALL OF IT. We are, and have the same quality as the SOURCE of this Universe.  This is said in different ways in many religious beliefs, but as LOA practitioners having faith is an advantage, yet it does not change the fact if you happen to rely on Science, or logic.  LOA is proven with Quantum Physics.  There is no doubt to its accuracy, and yet we keep on selling ourselves short.

The reason for being able to secure a parking space or a cup of coffee is that we think we can. From the stand point of LOA, there is no difference between a parking space and a Porsche 911 or a million dollars. None.  We set those limitations.  We cannot see that we are, connected and a part of the source of this entire Universe.  Why can we do this and no other specie on this world can? Because we have free reign over our thoughts, and yet because it is so close, We cannot see our own eyelashes. The second part of the quote is also equally frustrating.  We tend not to be able to see that which we want. We get so worked up and stuck in the details of how, that we just keep on attracting more and more opportunities to get worked up and wrapped up in the how when we should be concentrating on the absolute, and specific END RESULTS that we want to manifest. We cannot see the “heavens in the distance”. 

Is it any wonder that the majority of people have struggled with using The LOA, all these years? Most people cannot get over the fact that first they have ALL THE POWER, and then they cannot even use the simple steps required to work the power.  The system is perfect.  The Universe has been revolving on the same system for billions of years. We want to fix the system instead of just use the system.  It is our nature and perhaps a riddle or a cosmic joke.  Most of us do not know what we don’t know, and when someone tries to tell us, we cannot possibly believe them because all our lives we have been told something contrary.  We think we have to rely on something else. It is always the “others” that can. We have been told that it is “hard” or “out of our league”.  Who are we to dream so big? How dare we imagine?

WELL IT IS TIME TO WAKE UP.  Dude, this writing was written 3000 years ago!!  You see the same theme in many of the world’s “accepted” religions.   Why would all these smart scholars preach a lie? Why would our science point us to a lie? How could our cosmos be running on a lie? The answer is IT CAN NOT.  It is a Universal LAW.  It is precise. It is true, and whether you like it, believe it, or not matters not. You are bound by the same law. Yet because of this law you will find evidence to convince yourself that it is not true if you so desire. Crazy isn’t it? You get what you concentrate on. It is like the Universe is saying to you, I have given you all this power but if you don’t want it I will not force you to use it. It matters not weather you choose a life of abundance or scarcity. The Universe is not going to come and hold your hand or beg you to have abundance. It is your will to take or not to take action.    So you might as well enjoy the ride because you are part of the whole thing, and just did not know it. How cool is that?

I hope you enjoyed this post, and I hope you will share it with as many people as you can. This message needs to be understood, if we are to have a world filled with joy and abundance. Comment on my Facebook page and tweet me your thoughts on my twitter feed. Until next week, to your continued success.

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