Thursday, July 29, 2010


Hello, I am so excited to be starting this blog. As the intro said this blog is for any one interested in Success, the Law of Attraction, and happiness in general. I came to be introduced to the Law of Attraction (LOA) about 3 years ago when our midwife gave us the DVD The Secret. I watched it with hesitation because I am a scientist. But the fact that I had read Think and Grow Rich about 7 times by that time helped me view this with an open mind. I went and purchased 2 copies of the book The Secret, one in English and one in Spanish for my wife. I read and read it over and over again and started by "TESTING" the principals. I had used the techniques in Think and Grow Rich in 2006 to help me get out of the $100k school debt that I had. That worked. So I tried the LOA on getting a parking spot at the Carlsbad Company Stores in Carlsbad California on a weekend. Needless to say it worked. It worked not once, but every time. To this day I am amazed at the fact that I do not have trouble getting a parking spot.
I shared this with my colleagues in a training session to help them set and achieve their training and sales goals. Wouldn't you know it they used it to get parking spots. So to take it to the next step I had inspiration to help high school kids get introduced to this concept right away instead of waiting like me into their middle age.

So what I did was to start writing an e-book in my spare time entitled "How to Succeed After High School: a Real world Lesson" (The title changed when the book went into print to ROAD MAP TO LIFE: A real world lesson). In it I put all the information that I wished some one had given me when I was graduating from high school. Stuff like the Law of Attraction and how to make is work. Things like basic finance and what is an asset and what is a liability. The 6 Steps of setting and achieving any goal be it to find a perfect mate or getting the car of my dreams etc. I put that e-book for sale for just $1.99 to get it into the hands of as many people as possible.

Here I want to share how I use the Law of Attraction and how I as a beginner have made it work. I also hope others will comment and we can all learn from each other and more than that I want this to be a daily positive source of energy for any one who wants to read and comment.

Come and join me.

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  1. the law of attractions has work for me and continue to do so. Visualization has helped me to hold on to a thought in my mind until I create a mental picture or image.
    I do it on purpose so visualisation can help me build the necessary confidence to take action. I attract what I consentrate on!
    thank you for doing this!


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