Thursday, July 29, 2010

Whipped Cream on my head

As I am sitting here typing this new post on my blog, my wife put whipped cream on my bald head so my daughter who is sitting on my shoulders right now can lick it off of my head. That is what I call PURE JOY. How perspectives change.
Why do I mention this incident? Incidences like this that evoke a major emotion, specially good ones are the ones we want to keep on to. These are your condition reverser to use when you are feeling down. When trying to use the Law of Attraction in anything you need to get in touch with your feeling. Imagination and visualizations are the mental tools. They are like the steering wheel on a car but the EMOTION is the connection of the steering wheel to the actual WHEELS of the car. Without the emotions you can turn the steering wheel all you want and nothing will happen.
The experts in LOA tell us that we have to get into the "FEELING OF HAVING IT" before we can manifest any of our desires. When you are having a bad day, or when things are not going your way it is difficult to get into the feeling of having ...
What I have found though is that it does not take much to start changing those feelings. These condition reverser that I mention are small steps of making you feel good. Truly feel good one step at a time is the key to getting what you want.
Let me try to use an example here. If I am visualizing having a million dollars by December 31st, 2010 but I just happen to get a major reprimand from my "boss", it is a bit difficult to have the feeling of having it. When I am in the feeling of "I can't believe he treated me like that", or "I should have done a better job" I am concentrating on those negative emotions. You can not manifest anything positive with negative emotions. So I go to my reverser. I take a look at the video of my baby daughter climbing a rock wall, or look at the picture of her licking whipped cream off of my head. Even as I am writing this there is a uncontrollable smile coming to my face and that is the little bit of change to the positive.
Positive energy is 10000 times stronger than negative energy. I read this in The Secret and many other works dealing with the law of Attraction and Success. It is like a lit match in a dark cave. It cuts through the darkness even though it is small. You need to bring yourself back to a positive mental state then visualize and emotionalize what you want to materialize.
I hope this helps. Till next time.


  1. I really enjoyed reading this. Thank you for reminding me of the Law Of Attraction.

  2. You are most welcome and thank you for posting your comment.


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