Tuesday, January 25, 2011


Good day, today I am going to talk a little about our reactions to people who judge us and when we judge others.
Self-confidence is a funny thing. Most people who are truly self-confident do not have any need to prove it to you. So what happens to you when some one puts you down? I hope your honest answer is that “that is just a reflection of that person’s insecurities”. If that was not the answer that popped into your mind do not worry. It just gives me an opportunity to bring some useful information to you.
Every action that we take is the mirror of our needs and thoughts. So when some one puts you down it is a reflection of their issues and has nothing to do with you. But words hurt. We all know that. In fact words hurt more and longer than physical pain. But with the understanding of this principle slowly but surely you will start to see how when people show you love it is a reflection of their love and kindness internally and by the same token when people are mean to you it is just a indication of self misery that they have inside weather they know it or not. This is important because as you move up the ladder of success you will be criticized, and envied. Do not fret. Smile and know that is not about you.
By the same token when you judge someone it is an indication of some insecurity in you. When you see yourself as “better” than someone else there is also that knowledge that someone else is better than you. You get into the competition thing again. Try to STOP yourself when ever you get the feeling to judge someone.
Let me give you an example: The other day I was getting off the freeway and on the side of the road I saw a young man with a sign in his hand asking for money. For some reason as I looked at his shoes and noticed his age my judgment kicked in. I am sad to say that the first think that came to my mind was “why doesn’t he get a job”. It took me a good hour or so to realize what I had done. I have no idea what he is going through. I don’t know the circumstances that have put him on the street. What right do I have to judge him? At the same time that judgment threw me off of my positive track of thought. So in some respect I harmed myself in the process. Now I can totally choose not to give him any money or if I feel giving in the moment give him some of the change in my car, but I do not have the right to judge. It is purely a personal safety mechanism not to judge. It only hurts me. The guy on the street is not even aware that I judge him.
So keep yourself positive and when you find yourself judging STOP, and think positively about the situation or say a prayer for the person and move on. If you are the subject of being judged, smile to yourself in the knowing that it is not about you. You might want to also say a prayer or wish the person clarity in the future. Remember what ever you think about you bring about. Thinking good thoughts for others will bring the same to you.
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  1. judgement always bad, just sayin, and how do you post so many articles at once, that takes your credibility down horribly

  2. Dear Human Potential, thank you for following my blog and most of all thank you for your comments. At least some one is interacting.
    To answer your questions every thing I have read in writing blogs tells me that I have to put regular posts and most suggest daily. I try to put a post every Tuesday. So Once a week is not really that hard. I write about things that come up that I think would benefit people.
    As for credibility, I am not doing this for any notoriety but I am open on how you think I could improve this blog. Thanks

  3. it's a funny thing when you become more and more aware of human psychology and the tendency of projection and inference that you enter a duality of hopefulness and non-hopefulness. this may or may not make sense to the owner of this blog.

  4. Thank you for your comment Arcita. I can only hope that my projections of hopefulness for a more aware society out weighs those rare instances that I laps into non-hopefulness. It is my hope that by making people aware of LOA they can monitor their projections as well.


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