Tuesday, January 11, 2011


The other day I was discussing positive mental attitude with a family member.  He happened to be in a difficult time in his life. He kept on telling me how this and that is wrong and difficult and I kept on trying to make him realize how much he has, to be grateful about.  He would argue “I am grateful but…” and get back to what was wrong and how he faces it every second of every day.   I felt like I was talking but he could not hear me like I was on mute.  On the drive home, as it always happens my wife was the voice of reason.  She pointed out that I was being hard on him.  I defended myself by saying “… that is because I love him and don’t know how to make him realize how great he could be and how he can get out of the rut he seems to be stuck in if only he could just try little by little to turn his thoughts around”.
Then today both of my kids had one of those days.  I was going insane dealing with my oldest wetting her clothes while my 4 weeks old could not seem to get enough food in her tummy no matter how much we fed her. I felt burned out to a point of negativity the likes of which I have not felt in a long time. My wife again turned the table for us and told me the exact things I was telling my family member the night before. I was open and tried my best to start slowly thinking of the things I am grateful about in this situation. It is very difficult, especially if you are alone to listen to someone telling you to be positive when you are not in a place where everything is going well for you. You just want to tell the person “#%&@!#$”. Even when you start realizing that you have to turn your feelings around you start cussing yourself internally because that is the last thing you want to hear at the moment. That is why it is so important to have support of a close like minded person who can recharge you. Give any Law of Attraction master a colicky baby for 5 days with broken sleep and lets see how optimistic they are.
The point is once the day ends and a new one begins, put the past away and start again. So what that yesterday I cold not be optimistic. Lets try again today. If today my gut keeps on saying “go %$^&!@#%” every time I try to be optimistic, that’s OK too. I will try again . I will keep on trying when ever I realize and when ever I have the energy. Little by little I go from frustration, to anger, to hope, to optimism, until suddenly I will start to feel better and once the feeling is there, the reality WILL FOLLOW.
Find someone to share the information in this blog with so you can keep each other positive during tough times. Everyone needs a helping hand at times. No one can do it by himself or herself all the time.  Let this blog be a source of positive thoughts and know that YOU CAN TURN THINGS AROUND.

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