Tuesday, April 19, 2011


Good day. In the last post I mentioned how important it is not visualize from a sense of lack. What does that mean is the subject of this post. Visualization should be a practice of complete acceptance and confidence in what you want. This is a place where you control everything. There is no lack in visualization. At least if you want to achieve any kind of success using this powerful tool you should control it so there is no FEELING of lack and scarcity in your visualization. Most of us, as previously mentioned use The Law of Attraction by default and we also go about visualizing by default. For example when you hear on the news that there was a terrible Tsunami in Japan what comes to your mind? What pictures does your mind conjure up? I practice this thing daily, and when I first heard about the sad news, I immediately thought about the dooms day prophesies I had read and seen in movies like 2012 etc. You may not think those are visualization but they are.

Visualization used creatively and productively should be a sense of complete acceptance of the subject there in. When you visualize and there is a longing or feeling of want because you don’t have something, you are setting up automatic resistance to it. So how do you go about visualizing with a sense of total acceptance? The answer is by practice. Visualization is designed to make the object of it become so detailed and so routine that the acceptance of it as real is the next logical step and then and only then will it manifest in your reality. Let me give you an example.

I want to have a dark brown, Porsche 911 turbo cabriolet, 2010 or newer with PDK transmission and leather interior as well as Bose sound system and navigation. So I go about visualizing this magnificent car but at the same time I realize that the car I am currently driving is not my ideal car. I may even start to feel disappointed in that fact. As I am visualizing my Porsche, I have a feeling in my gut that the price of premium fuel now is topping at $4.30 per gallon. The insurance on that car would be several thousands of dollars per year. I do not have space in my current garage to park that beautiful car. All of this is a sense of lack. These are the feelings that pop up as resistance and until my visualization of the Porsche is the next logical step in my mind the visualization will remain a dream. At this point I am far from it.

What I have to do is to visualize the car in a sense of joy. One really good way to practice productive visualization that I learned is from the book Ask and it is Given by Esther and Jerry Hicks. In It the entity knows as Abraham instructs us to write down what we want and then write “why” we want it. The practice of writing the “why” makes the object more clear and defined and also erases the resistance to it. So for examples, I would visualize driving in my new Porsche, feeling the sun and the wind in my hair as I have the top down. I love the feeling of power under the hood. I love the way my little girl sitting in her car seat in the back screams with joy as the wind blows through her hair. I love the smile on my wife’s face sitting next to me as we take a ride down to the beach. I love the feeling of admiration we get from the people watching us drive by. I love the feeling of accomplishment I get every time I sit in my car. It serves as a validating point that I have arrived at the point of success I always dreamed of. In that visualization is the knowing that I don’t give a crap about the cost of fuel or insurance. There is a sense of gratitude that I am enjoying this and I am deserving of it without reservation.

So as I go about concentrating on this visualization and fine tuning the feelings, it becomes more and more natural that I have the car. When I get to the point that there is a comfort and total acceptance that I have the car, then and only then opportunities and events will transpire to bring the car into my reality.

I hope this makes things more clear as to how to utilize the powerful tool of visualization without hampering your hard work by setting up resistance points along the way.

Feel free to share this with any one you feel could benefit and have a great week.

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