Tuesday, December 13, 2011


Good day all,
Today I wanted to talk about something that often comes up when I talk about the Law of Attraction with people of faith. Not always but occasionally there seems to be the misconception that you either have to have your own faith or to learn to use the Law of Attraction. In my case, and I can only speak for myself, there is no “or”, it is an “and”.
I consider myself spiritual and one who has a strong faith. I also as the long time readers of this blog know, am a scientist. I have in previous blog posts talked about the science behind the Law of Attraction and thus far have not brought the topic of religion out of the desire not to offend anyone. Recently however in some of my talks, I have been approached by people who question the Law of Attraction from the perspective of a threat to their religion.  Perhaps it is because of the Law of Attraction that I have brought on these incidences. For a long time I have wanted to talk about this topic and so I have presented myself with the opportunity to discuss it with people.
In a nutshell as a person who has a strong faith I really do not see how the Law of Attraction has anything to do with being a threat to any religion, orthodox or otherwise. It is like saying gravity is against my religion. The Law of Attraction is a universal law. Like all universal laws the source had a hand in it. Whatever that source happens to be for you, you cannot have some things and ignore the others. Well I suppose you can ignore it, but it does not mean they do not exist.
For the longest time people believed the Earth was the center of the universe. No matter how much religious strength they put behind it, they were misinformed. What I want to discuss here is the fact that you can be happy and committed to your faith, whatever it happens to be and still use the Law of Attraction to succeed.
The major tenet of the Law of Attraction is preached in every major religion in the world. Things like being good to others, be happy for yourself, have positive attitude, be grateful, good deeds are rewarded, bad deeds are punished, etc. The language and the delivery may have been different but the message is the same if only one is open to receive it. That is the key. The simplicity of the Law of Attraction is that whatever you believe will become your reality and you will find proof to back it up. That is just the way things work. I just want to bring to light the notion that the Law of Attraction is a tool to be used to become successful whatever that word means to you and that cannot be wrong or threatening to anything.
You cannot use the Law of Attraction to manipulate people, or to bring harm to them. You cannot use the Law of Attraction for someone else. You cannot want it for someone else. That is very much like faith. I cannot have faith for you or vice versa. The central belief behind every faith has to be accepted by the person alone and freely. No one can be truly forced to have faith in anything. There has to be a conscious choice and decision to have faith.
Some will use logic and try to justify their faith. Some will go on blind faith because that is what their ancestors have done. In both instances they have made the choice personally to accept that faith.
With universal laws that is not the case. They exist despite one’s acceptance of them. Just because a person believes in a God or source, or even nothing does not mean that by poking their finger in a light socket they will not get shocked. It is a universal law. Weather I believe in God or not if I jump off a roof I will fall. The same is true with the Law of Attraction. I can learn to use the Law or ignore it. Just like I can learn to use the law of gravity to understand lift, drag, and forces that contribute to flight, I can use the Law of Attraction to achieve success in every part of my life.
If you have faith it is just that much easier. You already know the comfort of believing something you cannot see. That faith can only help you in utilizing the Law of Attraction. I am willing to bet that if you study your faith in detail you will find hints to corroborate the Law of Attraction. The funny thing is that The Law of Attraction also hints to the existence of a source and the comfort is that it is applicable to any faith.
I hope this post has caused you to at least give a little thought to the Law of Attraction as a tool. I hope you see that it has nothing to do with religion. I hope you see that  it can only help you become happier, wealthier, healthier, and more at peace and that has to be ok with any faith.
I welcome your comments and discussions.
As always to your success.

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