Tuesday, December 20, 2011

The T-Rex Lesson

Good day,
Today’s post will reflect the power of faith when it comes to the Law of attraction. For the longest time my little girl has wanted a set of dinosaurs, specifically a T-Rex. I was planning on getting a dinosaur set for her at Christmas. I had seen a nice set at Costco as I was shopping and every  time we passed by it she would ask me if we could get it. About 3 weeks before Christmas when I went by myself to pick up the set and wrap it and put it under the tree, to my dismay I found out, as it is usually the case with Costco, they had moved to another product in its place. So imagine how heartbroken I was that I had now lost the opportunity to get my girl the present she wanted because I procrastinated. I came home and told my wife about the situation and could see the disappointment in her eyes too.  However, the whole time my girl believed that Santa would bring her T-Rex to her at Christmas. There was not a single shred of doubt in her mind that come Christmas morning her T-Rex would be under the tree. In her mind that toy was hers. She already knew that it would be there for her because she had been a good girl and Santa knew that. That was the whole line of logic and no one could change that.
I was a little bit disappointed but I was certain that I would find something closely resembling that set  somewhere else.  So in the mean time we went to my uncle’s house for an early X-mas dinner. After my daughters played with their cousins and we had a great family time we decided that since we were not going to be together for Christmas they could open their presents now. Imagine my surprise when the first present that my daughter opened from her aunt was a set of little dinosaurs, and the second was a train set with dinosaurs on them, each having a different type of T-Rex.  I was so amazed and both my wife and I looked at each other and in unison uttered the words “Law of Attraction”.  
So the purpose of this story is that your beliefs will supper charge your goals, and your visualizations.  As adults we have to trick our subconscious into believing by repeated visualization and repeated concentration on our goals.  We have to specifically and repeatedly read out loud our goals and wants so our subconscious can hear it. The advantage that children have is that, they believe without the need for proof. They have not been tainted by disappointments to the point where they have developed sarcasm. 
Please take this lesson as it is intended. Concentrate on all of your goals and believe that they are coming towards you.  Imagine how with the right guidance our children can learn that the Law of Attraction works and they can use it to succeed. It may be a little harder for us older people to learn the same lessons but it is all a matter of how we look at things. This story can inspire you and push you to expand your horizon and believe, or you can scoff at it and make an excuse for the events that led up to it. For me there is no doubt that my daughter’s concentration and belief brought to her the little toy she wanted. But 5 years ago I would have chalked it up to coincidence or luck. It is all in our perspective. Whatever that perspective is will be your reality. There is no wrong way. That is the simplicity and beauty of the Law of Attraction. You have to be ready for it to work. No one can force it down your throat or wish it for you. It is a personal thing.
I hope this holiday season brings you joy, health and happiness and everything you are dreaming about.
To your success.

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