Tuesday, April 17, 2012


Good day. This post addresses the need for anyone who is interested in success to at the very least understand how the Law of Attraction works. I am going to approach this from a point of view that is very comfortable to me and I think it will make a rather complicated subject really simple. I am going to explain how your desire to succeed requires knowledge of the Law of Attraction using martial arts analogies. Because I have been involved in martial arts in one way or another for over 27 years, I find it easy to explain this situation and I think it will bring a new perspective and support for at least considering a general understanding  of the Law of Attraction if not becoming  a student of it.
Let’s assume that in order to succeed I have to overcome some challenges. Let’s also assume that my challenges take a form of a wrestler. If I am also wrestling, we are both confined by the rules of a wrestling competition. So as we pummel and jockey for position, there are certain amount of techniques that either one of us can apply to get the upper hand.  We can try a single or a double leg. We can try to move and maneuver to see if we can off balance each other and hope one of us will make a mistake.
Now let’s say I have open to me the tools of a mixed martial artists, however my challenge is still confined by the rules of wrestling. Imagine the expansions of possibilities that I can use now to deal with my challenge. For example as we are in a clinch, I can now have at my disposal knees, elbows, and sometimes I can even choose to disengage and use strikes.  That gives me more tools to deal with my challenge than when I was confined to a small box of using a strict set of rules of wrestling.
Now let’s take it one more step out of the box. I am now a street-fighter and I am in a fight for my life. At this point I will use whatever I have to in order to survive. My challenge is still a wrestler. Now there is an infinite number of possibilities for me to use. Let’s even say the wrestler takes me down and takes a side mount position which is very advantages if this was a wrestling or jiu jitsu match, however, there is very little available to him as I take a nasty bite out of his sides and latisimus dorsi muscles.  I can now do eye pokes , groin kicks and even head-butts.  All of these tools were not even conceivable when I was confined to only useing the tools of wrestling.
That is what the Law of Attraction does for you. If you are trying to succeed in any endeavor, you have to realize that there are infinite number of possibilities open to you at any particular time, if and only if you are open to them and you are not confining yourself by negativities, and by a set of constant preconceived ideas, and notions that you think you should adhere to.  By at least understanding and being open to the Law of Attraction more opportunities and more tools will come your way. Then you can choose to either use them or ignore them, but at least you are not in the worst case position of not knowing what you don’t know. It opens you up to an unlimited amount of resources to get to your goal.
I hope this short explanation and metaphor of martial arts helps you to understand that at least a cursory look at the Law of Attraction will benefit you in achieving success and your dreams. Please feel free to share this with anyone who may benefit from it.
As always to your success till the next time.

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