Tuesday, April 10, 2012


Good day, this post is about the reasons you have to exert tremendous amount of effort and energy to change habits and beliefs.  Our understanding is that it takes approximately 27-90 days for a habit to be ingrained depending on who you ask.  We also understand that whatever has been imprinted on our subconscious mind becomes our belief and our comfort zone.  Anything that goes contrary to our subconscious beliefs and our habits takes tremendous conscious  effort to work and manifest.
In order for habits, goals, and visualizations to reach the subconscious and actually become beliefs and paradigms, repetition is critical, because most of us have a gatekeeper that filters out thoughts and impressions that are coming from our conscious to subconscious mind. The gatekeepers job is to keep things “as is”,  to maintain the status quo, and to prevent the expansion of our comfort zones.
If you want to improve your life and increase your successes, you know that you have to expand your comfort zone.  To do that you either have to fight against the beliefs and the paradigms imprinted on your subconscious mind which will take lots of energy and conscious effort and as soon as you let your conscious effort laps you tend to return to the old habits. Or the second way of doing things is to first  imprint new habits and new paradigms on your subconscious mind and allow those paradigms to dictate the actions and see the results. To do that unless you are a child and believe with absolute faith, you need to use repetition, visualizations filled with feelings of how you want things to be,  over and over until those are passed to your subconscious mind. Then the rest is easy.
It may seem at first that this is the harder way of doing things, but if you look at any one who for example has tried to lose weight, you can see that they can for a short period of time sustain conscious effort , but as soon as that becomes difficult, and as soon they take their conscious effort off of the diet or losing weight when something else comes up or another stress comes into their life they just  bounce back to the imprinted comfort zones that are in their subconscious. Those being the bad eating habits, bad exercise habits, etc. If you put the effort in the beginning and visualize the body type that you want, life style, and eating habits that you want and envision it,  and  BE it from the beginning you have already expanded   your comfort zones and the actions will start to match those new paradigms.
I hope this post is helpful and as always feel free to comment and share this with anyone who may benefit from it.

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