Tuesday, August 21, 2012


I am going to relay a personal story here in hope of clarifying a point that keeps coming up with new practitioners of The Law of Attraction.

Don't putty or get sad, just take the message. All is well as Abraham said.

In 1985 when my mother took me out of Iran and came to the U.S. she never imagined how difficult it would be. The only thought she had was to make a better life for her son. In return she had to throw away 25 years of outstanding reputation and skill in the nursing field and start all over as a nurses aid to make a living for her child. 
On an annual income of just over $12,000 a year she put a roof over our head, send me to U.C.L.A. And then medical school. I never knew lack despite of it all. We were always comfortable and with in reason I don't remember lacking anything I wanted let alone needed.

 Mother's Day Clip Art

Shortly before I got married my mother went blind in both eyes due to an autoimmune issue called giant cell arthritis which attacked the temporal artery. 
The thing is that this type of problem usually has slow onset and in most cases attacks one side and with steroid therapy can be stopped as not to effect the other eye. In my mother's case however, it attacked both sides with in one day and left my mother blind at age 67 shortly after she retired. 
She did not get to see my wedding, she has not seen either of her grand children. Around that time I was introduced to The Law of Attraction and from the beginning I had great success with it.  So you can imagine how badly I wanted it for my mother.
I got her books on tape about LOA, and we talked about visualizing how her body will heal itself, and seeing how she had her sight back. I was excited, and absolutely sure she would see again soon.  
I set goals and visualized her seeing over and over.
She humored me when we talked about it and went along but when ever she talked to people I repeated heard things like "I can't see... I am blind... I can't do that because I can't see" find their way into the conversation. To this day, almost 6 years since she has gone blind and has completed Braille Institutes, San Diego Center for the Blind's training, she constantly talks about BEING BLIND even to my little girls who had no concept of the situation when they were little. 
I could not want the healing for her. I do not know what is best for her. I can not force nature to do something for her even though I have and daily do it for myself. It brings me so much pain to know, absolutely know that she CAN HEAL HERSELF, and not be able to so anything about it.

The one thing I know my mom not to be is a victim. Why will she not even try to take something that will give her the one thing she wants most back? I cannot say. Maybe she does not want it.  Maybe for the first time in her life she gave up on hope.  Maybe it is best this way and I have no idea why. Even though it kills me to have to let go, I know that I CANNOT WANT IT FOR HER.  
The Law of Attraction does not work that way. It is a personal responsibility that each individual has to want, accept, and utilize. There are not alternatives around it. I can visualize happy moments and love with my mom, but I cannot visualize her healing because that is HER RIGHT not mine.  Literally it would be like me violating her personal freedom if it would work that way.  It is a universal law without exception.

We may want to improve people's lives when we learn, use, and impact our own lives in a positive way with LOA, but they have to want to apply it themselves.  The effort will only bring frustration and lower our vibration specially when it comes to those we love.

Dn't give up on them. Continue to teach and try to lift them up but do it with detachment otherwise you will be pulled down instead of lifting them up.

I hope this helps. It is not an easy lesson to learn and accept but the sooner you do the sooner you will raise your vibration and remove resistance that you may not even realize.

Till next week have a great day.


  1. Very good story. I believe your mother, like others, would love to be 100% better, richer, happier etc but belief is the key word. One issue with manifesting is believing something could happen despite what corporeal evidence is showing us. Most of us have heard stories about people who have beat the odds but don't even enter free contests because they don't believe they can win. Sometimes the idea of being disappointed can be painful.
    Letting go to honor a loved one's beliefs is hard, especially for someone like a mother who has the special title of deserving a high level of respect.
    The best we can do is be that example and if they are comfortable, surround them with stories of people who overcame adversity. I read that people are more likely to recover better in a hospital after hearing these stories. Best wishes to you and your family

    1. Thank You Wendy. I can only try and may be my belief is strong enough for both of us. I enjoyed your comment. Have a great week.


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