Tuesday, September 4, 2012


Good day and I hope you're having a wonderful week. This year is election year. Politics has a way of stirring  emotions in people like nothing else. I want to caution you that for your own best interest as well as for WINNING you need to keep in mind how The Law Of Attraction works. 

You will hear a lot of thing in the media. Most likely there will be allot of negativity thrown around. Depending on how politically or principally involved you are there will be lots of emotions that are stirred within you. Not all of them will be healthy or good. Specially if you have very distinct values that are represented by one candidate or the other, or if you believe that one or the other is infringing on your values or rights. These emotions will be very powerful vibrational SIGNALS. 

Because, good deeds are rarely televised on the media these days it's safe to assume that much of what you will see, hear, debate about will be emotionally charged with negativity.  

Let's explore The ramifications of that from 2 perspectives, one from your well being and one from the pure aspect of wanting your candidate to win.  You will see that the results are the same no matter who you are rooting for.  That is the beauty of universal laws.


From the stand point of the law of attraction what ever thought, powered with emotion you send out will attract to it the events and opportunities for you to feel that way and continue to feel that way until you change the thought and more importantly the underlying emotion.

So when you send out vibes of "anger, frustrations, disappointment, betrayal, foolishness" that the apposing candidate, the media, or friends that do not have the same view points as you do elicit in you, in reality you're asking for more events to appear that will continue to elicit those emotions in you. The cycle will continue until you change your view point and concentrate on the positive things that your candidate will offer and how YOU specifically feel good about them. It matters not what those effect mean to your neighbor. It is all about how you feel. When you feel good more opportunities to feel good are attracted to you. That is after all why you are presumably reading this blog. To be happy and successful.  

So when you feel yourself getting worked up in a negative way discussing the political views you have or are watching the coverage of the election remember that this election will come and go but what you are sending out as a result of getting upset or negatively charged will linger on much longer and effects your life more than you can imagine. If after the emotionally charged event you have to deal with clients, or managers, you are still attracting events that will, for the lack of better term, piss you off. That means now your success, health, and even relationships are going to suffer because you did not recognize the warning signs or ignored them. 

Take the warning signals to heart. When your feeling are turning sour, change the situation or thought that is causing them, or remove yourself from the area and calm down, or do something positive. Now if the same discussion is exhilarating and exciting to you by all means keep the activity going.  Let YOUR FEELINGS BEYOUR GUIDE.


Remember that universal laws do not comprehend Or work with words and feelings of NEGATION. The book and the movie The Secret explained this well.  If you are ANTI-war it means you are concentrating on WAR. If you are ANTI-drugs, it means your are giving attention and power to DRUGS. I hope you are seeing where I am going with this. 

All your negativity on the apposing candidate is actually supercharging there permanence in your reality and is giving them more power to sustain their energy.  That is right by your negative feeling you are actually helping the apposing party candidate to WIN. I hoped I got your attention. 

Instead concentrate on the opposite, the goodness of your candidate. When arguments arise let other peoples emotions get out of control because remember they are fueling your candidates success, and make sure you are still feeling good about your candidate.  USE YOUR FEELINGS. Again if your feelings are going negative remove yourself from the situation or concentrate on something that feels good. 

I know someone will ask "but won't my bad feelings about MY candidate power their success?" The answer is yes but then you are also throwing your day into the crapper as a result. If you think that is a good exchange well, I don't think we are on the same page. 

So by all means take part in this exciting and important event in our country's history and exercise your right to express your freedoms. Do so however, with thoughts and feelings that feel good to you. You can have it all. 

I hope you enjoyed this post. Please leave comments bellow and share with friends.

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