Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Why Not The Lottery?

Good day and I hope you are having a great week.
If you have been followings this blog for a while you know I am a beginner when it comes to working with the LOA . I have only been working with it for about 5 years. You also have read that from the beginning I had no problems making it work in my life. I had no issue getting a parking spot, or complete my student loan payment from Medical School even though I am not a doctor.

One area that I have had challenges making my manifestations give results are in large contests like the national lottery. This puzzled me. I did not know if it was because I listened to one of the masters say it was energy consuming or what, but I tried many different ways without success. I did my visualization, with joy, without pressure, with pressure, as a game, etc. with no results. In fact I did not get a single number right out of the possible six; ever.

So I was analyzing it from an observer's point of view and it made sense  to me, so I will share it here. It may be I am justifying my lack of success, but that is irrelevant to me because I believe it to be. It logically makes sense to me and unless someone comes with an alternate theory that satisfies my beliefs I am comfortable with the results.

I believe I can use The Law Of Attraction to truly create my reality. I also realize everyone else has that ability and even though I can choose to live in any alternate reality I focus on, I do share that space and time with people who are on the same vibration as I am.  

The creators of the lottery have created the game with their rules and odds. There has been allot of forceful energy in the form of belief that it is difficult to win. I am taking part in THEIR game and working to force my reality against an established force along with millions of people with varying degrees of emotional motivation for the same purpose.   In essence i am not creating anything. I am joining a creation in process with established beliefs. I can honestly say, I probably do not put that much energy into it.  It is not my burning desire to win the Mega Millions game as nice as that would be.That is the differentiating ingredient.

It follows  then that I have a much better chance of success in making that same amount of millions in an endeavor that is of MY creation.  I would have the advantage then. It would be like I am the HOUSE. As my creation, I have an intimate vibrational link to it and as long as I keep it positive and moving there is only possibility of success. Unless I am going along a path that is detrimental to me, or missing a better path, or hurting someone in the process, this is a far better use of my energy in my opinion. That is why temporary set backs are to be treasured and looked upon as feedback and opportunities to gain an even greater success. 

This explains the fact that most millionaires say it was easier to build their fortune than winning it. It also prepares you for success. If you build a fortune you have two major advantages: 1) you are less likely to loose it haphazardly, and 2) if you do loose it, you are more apt to get back on top in a short amount of time because you have that specialized knowledge that enabled you to do it in the first place.

Don't envy winners who seemingly came into their fortunes by chance. You have no idea what they have gone through vibrationally. Chances are they expended an amount that you are not willing to expend. Be happy for them, and concentrate on your own dream. By genuinely being happy for them, you are attracting that type of joy in your reality. Remember, it is NOT your job to dictate "how" you will get your millions. That is the job of the source. When we force the source, things do not work out well for us. Trust me on this, I know it first hand and in some way so do you.

I hope you enjoyed my perspective. Feel free to comment and discuss and share with anyone who will enjoy this. Till next week to your success.  

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