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Good day and I hope you are having a great week.
The other day while waiting to fly out of the airport in San Diego, a gentleman got my attention and asked me “what class were you in?” I was deep in thought trying to figure out how to connect my iPad to their free internet. I asked “UCLA?” , but he pointed to my bag pack. Then I realized he was motioning to the Trident I have pinned to my bag pack. It was a gift from a friend a long time ago and I wear it on my bag as a proud and grateful American. I told him I was not in the teams, and it was gift. I asked him if he was in the teams? He replied retired Navy Chief in the SEALS.

We chatted about business and stuff around San Diego. He told me he had started 2 businesses, and worked with Veterans around the area. We discussed some cool stuff, and family and children, and then came the topic of Success.  We both agreed that of the people we knew who had left the military many had succeeded, and the ones in the Special Forces were the ones that adapted the best and succeeded on the outside.
That started me thinking about the topic of this blog. I have known very well that the SKILL of PERSEVERING in the face of failure is a major difference that separates the winners from those who do not pursue their dreams. I can use myself for an example. Many of the friends that I went to Medical School are now successful physicians in the UNITED STATES even though when we were all in those Foreign medical schools the odds seemed stacked against us. I choose to quit after a certain amount of time because it did not seem as important to me as it once was to become a surgeon. The friends that I have that succeeded had a bigger fire of desire that kept them going.
In the special forces like the U.S. Navy SEALS a small group of men are usually behind enemy lines without support for long period of times. They have no one but each other to depend on. When S&%@ Hits the fan they have to depend on each other to persevere no matter what is happening. Yes they are highly trained, and have the best of technological toys, but there is a good reason that 90% of their class voluntarily quits before earning their Trident. In their world if you quit you die, and there is a high likelihood that other members of your team will die as well because you quit.

No wonder when they join the civilian world they are highly successful. They do not know the meaning of the word quit. If they can endure the pressures of combat and not quit, there is little in daily business that will make them quit. They know mistakes, and temporary defeat are opportunities to learn and profit from. It does not matter if they are new to a task, or they are out of their comfort zone, they will persevere until the reach their goal. It is ingrained in their DNA.
I don’t know at what point in our lives we learn to quit, or that it is ok to quit for those of us who do not have the honor of serving in the military?  But it seems like it is more common than not specially as I have gotten older. It seems every generation has become more and more open to just quitting and moving on to something else. Our attention span has shortened.  I could be wrong, but in my father’s generation you did what you were told and get the job done. There was shame associated with quitting a task. It was ingrained by our parents that you do not give up. You give it your best, and if you fail you learn from your mistake and try again. Something akin to getting back on the horse that threw you.
When we move from task to task, or give up on goals and move on to new ones we are robbing the energy that has gone into those goals, desires etc. It is like  the example I mentioned in my book Road Map to Life about the kid who changes his mind about the kind of car he wants. Every time his dad goes to get a toy car, he changes his mind about the color, the make, the model. Concentrating on our goals and visualizing them adds power to the manifestation of them. By the same token when we take inspired action and are faced with a challenge and / or temporary defeat it is a feedback that either we are not on the right path, it is not in our best interest, or we need to learn something from this. By just quitting the task, we are essentially sending out the vibration that I am just playing here. I don’t really want to manifest anything. I just want to play around, and get things going and then move on to something else. We are not solidifying our desires to the point that they are real. How can anything we want manifest if we are not really having a burning desire for them?  Burning desire, hell we don’t even give it enough attention that we would give watching a good movie. That is what quitting and jumping  from goal to goal is doing. You need to focus. A laser beam can cut diamond. But the same amount of energy dispersed in a huge light can light up the sky but will not do much cutting.
You need to focus your concentration on things that you want. It is ok to want allot of things, but focus on one or two at a time when you visualize, and then go after them with relentless perseverance.  That is where the “why” in your desires matter. If you can just dump one goal for another,  ask yourself how bad did you really want it.  Really, if I say I want to make a website that has 200 views a day and makes me an extra $5000/ month, but then as soon as I try to make the website and I learn that I don’t know what Wordpress is or how to use optimizepress, and I quit what does that tell you about my desire? Desire is good, but it is only the first step. The Law of Attraction works, and works every time, and it gives me exactly what I say I want from a vibrational perspective. Words do not mean a thing. My thoughts and emotions are what fuels The Law of Attraction. The reason I would quit in the example above would have thoughts like “I don’t know how to do this”, “learning to use these tools is so hard”, “no one taught me how to build a website”, “I’ve never done this before”, you get the picture. Even though my words might be saying I want a website that makes this and that much money, it is the thoughts that are asking the Law of Attraction to manifest. What am I asking to manifest? More and more circumstances that make me feel like I am clueless, and lost. The Law of Attraction always gives me what I ask for with my thoughts and feelings.
Now take for example the fact that even though I have no idea how to use the wordpress, or optimizepress to create a website, I start asking around,  attend seminars,  go to the library, and learn and try, and try, and try again. Make modifications and try again. What are the thought patterns saying to the Law of Attraction here? “I can do this”, “this is no different than any other skill I learned”, “imagine how awesome it will be when my website is making me money while I sleep”, “I am learning new things every day and expanding my comfort zone”.  Can you feel yourself smiling at these thoughts? Well that is what the Law of Attraction will receive and give back to me more and more opportunities  so I can keep on feeling those feelings that bring a smile to my face. Is this making sense to you? Please make sure you leave me a comment by clicking the comment link bellow. Let me know if you agree or disagree. Let me know if you have helpful hints on persevering. Leave me examples of how you succeeded by not giving up and keep on going no matter how small. Let the readers get different perspectives. The more you share your experiences the more everyone benefits.
Remember that giving comes from abundance and when you  give you are telling the Universe and the Law of Attraction that you are abundant. So by law, more and more circumstances come to you to keep you feeling abundant.
Thanks for reading this post and as always feel free to share this with anyone who may enjoy and benefit from it. Till next Tuesday, here is to your success.

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