Tuesday, October 9, 2012


 Timing The Action
I have been teaching goal setting for a long time. One of the things that is of paramount importance when you're starting to set your goals is the timing and your mind frame during the process.

The other day when I was trying to put some finishing touches on a new product opportunity I am launching, I found out real quickly how important this idea of timing and mind frame really is.

The idea of the new opportunity came to me like an inspiration. In a very short time I had all the details and put together the finishing touches. I was really excited because the potential to help allot of people was great.  Many would be able to build a good amount of wealth in a short period helping others. So by all means this has all the positivity encompassed in it.  Something went really awry however, the other night with some finishing touches. I could not really figure out how something that was flowing smoothly suddenly hit a brick wall. 

Then I took a look from an outsiders point of view and noticed that something outside of the project had affected my mind set.  I was trying to work out the final touches when my 4 year old daughter went into one of her "don't want to go to sleep" tantrums.  In dealing with that, which tool a while, I got out of my flow.  My energy was sapped.  I was frustrated and borderline upset. Then I tried to go back into the project and regain the energy and creativity. If you have been to my Goal Setting and PMA workshop or studies how to turn your emotions, you know it is difficult to jump big steps on the emotional scale. It becomes even more difficult when you try to push it. In my book  and in my seminars, I see this all the time and point out that if the process is starting to seem like work you need to take a break. The same thing was happening here, but I was not recognizing it.  I was to engaged and too close to see it intellectually and like a rookie I ignored my feelings as well.  The results were hours of wasted time and effort.  What I did learn was that as I tried to push harder, I kept on sliding lower and lower on the emotional scale into pessimism, and finally anger. It is Law. 

Then it hit me like a brick. All my emotional warning signals were going off and I was ignoring them.  It was like the fire alarm was going off to get out of the building and I was determined to finish my work like nothing was happening. Needless to say nothing productive besides this blog post and a lesson came out of this.  

I had to take a breather. No matter how much I wanted to finish the planing, I had to listen to the feelings.  When I did not by The Law of Attraction more situations came to bring more of the crappy feelings that I was experiencing, and I did not get any progress done.  I was finally forced to stop and go to bed. Fortunately I have disciplined myself to get my energy to at least neutral before going to sleep. During my meditation all became clear. I knew what had happened. I also knew how to fix it.  

Even though I teach this stuff it amazing how the people I love can get under my skin sometimes and throw off the balance to the point where I ignore the feeling alarms. Lesson learned though. The next day in a great feeling mood I took on the project and within minutes everything was back on track.
Reaching your goals
Many times when you are setting goals all kind of things come up from mistakes to disappointments.  You need to change the way you are feeling by doing the exercises I mention in my seminars and book, as well as in this blog, and move yourself up the emotional ladder to a place of joy and excitement. Your goals have to have good energy. It may take a walk, or a session of physical exercise to get your energy going. You may have to meditate or listen to some great music. What ever it takes get yourself back on track and finish working on your goal setting when you are in the good feeling zone. It may seem you are wasting time, but believe me it is more productive than trying to push on with the wrong frame of mind.  This practice has a great effect on how fast you will achieve success.

As always please feel free to share this and comment. Till next Tuesday here is to your success.

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