Tuesday, July 23, 2013


Good day and I hope you are having a blast. As I have mentioned before on this blog, I am far from an expert but I have had tremendous amount of success with utilizing The Law of Attraction (LOA) in my life. Occasionally though, I have come face to face with stumbling blocks and since I know the universal  law that is LOA is just as infallible as gravity, I have to look to myself to see what happened. Step one is always taking personal responsibility. When that is taken care of,  it usually is something basic that I need to go back to and make sure I have not overlooked something simple. Today’s post is an example of one such instance. We are going to go back to some basics to make sure you do not shoot yourself in the foot like I did a few days ago and mess up your vibration. Learning from each other one step at a time to a successful utilization of The Law of Attraction.

The easy mistake that I made resulted in a need for a portion of my roof being replaced, a leaking air conditioner during one of the hottest days of the summer, and loss of my satellite cable signal for 2 days just before the Anderson Silva fight on UFC 162. All of this happened to me within a 3 day period after making this mistake. What happened to me you may ask? Am I not a certified LOA practitioner and teacher? Yes, and here is a good example that even teachers need to pay attention to the basics and be open to learning.

I had listened to Jeanna Gabellini’s conference call the other day. She had covered the visualization and writing exercise she labeled “Dialing in the Universe”, which by the way is an awesome exercise.  I was really impressed with the process so as soon as I got the chance the next morning I started utilizing her teachings in my daily routine.  I started to write my gratitude list about the business I am in, and visualize my goals, write my to do list etc. early in the morning. The first day all was well .I had plenty of time early in the morning and  during my day, and put myself in the feeling of appreciation like she advised. I took the time to visualize and quieted my resistance.

Looking back at the events that transpired between getting everything done the first day, and the total chaos of the following two days, I noticed a very distinct difference in my attitude towards it.   I don’t know if it was overconfidence in the fact that, well I have been using LOA for so long and the instructions or this process are clear and in line with everything else I have learned about the subject. Or perhaps I was just lazy and wanted to get it done. In either case I really messed things up. The second day, I had to take the kids to a movie and I also happen to wake up late. Because I wanted to do the process anyway, I started JUST GOING THROUGH THE MECHANICS, however, my emotions were sending out the vibration of frustration.  So here I was concentrating and sending out a focused set of thoughts of what I wanted, but the EMOTIONAL VIBRATION was of haste, frustration and even some anger. I was actually DOING MORE HARM THAN GOOD.  You can probably see where I am going with this.

So it is very important that during the time that you usually work to deliberately manifest and work with The Law of Attraction, you are feeling good.  I suggest you get some quiet time and meditate to bring yourself to your natural state of well being before you go about doing your LOA visualization and manifesting. Even in the giving of gratitude, it is critical that your words match your feelings. Remember your emotions fuel and give power to your thoughts.  Do no sabotage yourself by rushing through this stuff people. You will do more harm than good. It is like running up a half pike with a skateboard when you can’t even ride one on the sidewalk. You will fall and get hurt.

In my case there was some issues that came up that cost me some money, and more importantly put me in a really crappy mood for a while and that was not good for anyone. I had to really do some major clean up and when I finally realized what was happening and took the time to prepare for my daily manifesting all was good again. IT IS AMAZING HOW WHEN YOU FOLLOW THE LAW, EVERYTHING JUST GOES SMOOTHLY. 

So I hope you will heed my warning and enjoy the process of deliberate manifestation and make sure you are in a proper state of mind when you are playing with such a powerful tool.  I hope you enjoyed and benefited from this post. As always please feel free to share, tweet, and pass along this information to anyone who may benefit from it and make sure to like and follow us on Twitter and Facebook. Till next week I hope you have a successful and joyous day.

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