Tuesday, July 30, 2013


Good day and I hope you are having a great week. Today I pose a thought provoking question to you in the title of this blog. “Is Free Will a blessing or a curse?”. Think about it for a minute and I will come back to discuss the origins of this question and then maybe together we can answer it.

A few weeks ago I was listening to one of Bob Proctors teaching calls. He was explaining how everything is energy in this world. When he started to take the example of an acorn through its metamorphosis into an oak tree, I started to think that perhaps there lies most of the challenges for people making use of and not succeeding with The Law of Attraction.  Let me paraphrase what Mr. Proctor said.
He said that an acorn can fall to the ground and sit in the sun and after a while it literally will disintegrate or if it is properly planted into the ground, it can become in tune with the vibration of its path and attract to itself all the forces that are needed. It then will start to grow roots and when it pops out of the dirt it will attract to itself all the forces that are in tune with its vibration from the air and ground and it will grow into an oak tree. The acorn only knows its vibration and when in optimum conditions it will align itself with the similar vibrations for the purpose of becoming an oak tree. All creatures and organisms in this world similarly only know what their vibration is and align with similar vibrations to manifest their life cycle.
Man however, is the only creature on this planet that can choose what vibration he will concentrate on. Man is the only creature that can change the vibration he is aligning with intentionally. Is that our problem?

Now let’s get back to our question.  Follow me for a second here. All other creations in this world have one vibration that they align themselves with and continue to do go about their activities along the lines that are in tune with their vibration. Can you imagine what intense and focused vibrational alignment that creates? Wouldn’t it be great if we could focus all our being on our natural state of vibration that is true bliss and prosperity?

Ahh, but alas we have FREE WILL. Humans as a specie can think. More importantly we can choose to think and focus and then react to our thoughts in different ways. Most other organism I presume use their “instinct” which is a preplanned response to their environment based on thousands of thousands of years of aligning with their sole vibration. Humans, in the modern world,  have for the most part ignored their “instinct”. That focus that is in alignment with our prosperity is not our innate focus. We have the freedom to feel anything we want towards thoughts. That allows us to control our thoughts but at the same time it also allows us to be misdirected as well to thoughts that are NOT in our best interest or in alignment with our vibrational truth.  10 people seeing the same thing will develop their unique thought and feelings towards that event.  We have started to depend on what we can visually interpret with our eyes as being the ONLY true reality even though every person who has been to a magic show knows that your eyes can easily deceive you.  We get lost in the entertainment media of our times and get so engrossed into topics and stories that have nothing to do with our well-being. The other day a buddy of mine asked me if I had heard about the Patriots’ player murder case, and when I said I had not had any idea what he was talking about he was shocked and remarked “it is everywhere, how can you have not heard about it?” to which I replied “what good will knowing about this incident do for me?”  He just shook his head.

The gift of free will is a true blessing. I cannot imagine being designed as a robot. It is a blessing that most of us have taken for granted. That taking of for granted has allowed the disparity and negativity we see in our “current reality”. There is no scarcity in this world. You keep on hearing people say it all over the place. There is more food in the U.S. to feed all the hungry people around the world. Why don’t we do it then?  We concentrate on lack and on problems and what supposedly can and cannot be done.

I leave the answer to this question that I posed in the title to you. Each and every one of you can and should answer this question for yourself. It is a personal responsibility that you have towards yourself. Is your free will a gift or a curse to you?  The great news is that you can at any moment decide to turn it around from one to the other. Yes I said decide because even if you turn it into the curse by not using your thoughts, then you are in essence choosing to take no action and that is a decision in itself.

I hope you enjoyed this post as much as I did writing it. Feel free to pass this along to anyone who can benefit from it and do not forget to follow me on Twitter and like my Facebook page.

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