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Good day and I hope you are having a great day.  Today I am going to address a question that keeps on coming up during seminars or speaking events I take part in. It is a valid and at times confusing subject, and I wanted to go into it in detail and unravel it from the basic foundational understanding of The Law of Attraction. I think there is significant benefit in going back to basics at times when the problem seems to be too large. The question is “how can greedy, stingy, mean people,  prosper and get wealthy given the Law of Attraction is a Universal Law and effects everyone?”
Like I said it is a very valid point. To understand this we need to see the diagram bellow:

I will refer to it as we progress. You notice there is a X and  a Y  axis, creating  4 quadrants.  On the X axis there is an emotional continuum.  There is a positive and a negative from what we consider to be good and bad feelings. You see emotions of Fear and Hate have been placed on the far left side and emotions of Love and Belief are on the far right. There is also a Y axis. That is the moral compass continuum.  How does all this work?

When you see people like the fictional character of Gordon Gecko in Wall Street the movie, you wonder how can someone who is so greedy amass wealth? From the vibration curve you see that both ends of the emotional spectrum have a very high vibrational output.  It is an “S” shape. High vibrations are available on the positive side as well as the negative side. Notice now where manifestation of what you want occurs:

People who are genuinely greedy have high emotions of fear of losing their wealth. Their moral compass is also in such way that they see greedy and hoarding wealth as something they should do. It is completely normal to them to be greedy. Their fear and hate and negative emotions “normally” associated with acts of greed are not negative to them because they are in line with their moral compass.  For most of us that is not the case.  They however are placing themselves in the lower left hand quadrant.

Most people are taught that being stingy and greedy is not a good thing. It is not proper. We cannot however,  prevent the feeling of fear when faced with financial obstacles.  After all we have responsibilities. Therein lies  the problem.  You see, when you are emanating a high vibrational emotion like fear which is not aligned with your moral values you are attracting more and more opportunities to attract feelings of fear and discomfort that comes from loss of financial assets.  You are in the upper left quadrant. When a greedy person experiences the fear they are attracting more and more opportunities to feel the fear but in this case they are aligned with their moral values (lower left quadrant) and those opportunities are of amassing wealth.   It works like this,  greedy people are using  what society labels as negative emotions as a motivator to amass wealth. What we call normal people,  are experiencing fear as a consequence of loss and it attracts more loss. 
I am not judging here, and I don’t want you to judge either. I want you to realize how the Universal laws work.  Only by understanding the basics you can use the laws to your benefit. That does not mean you have to turn into a greedy, stingy person. Not at all, but you now can understand that when your moral values and moral compass is against greed, the feelings of fear are setting off vibrational attractions to bring you more of what you DO NOT WANT (upper left quadrant). So you have to do whatever you can to slowly reach for something that feels better. Bring yourself into the upper right quadrant. Small things you can be grateful for will lead to more and more things to be grateful for. See my previous blog posts on Gratitude to understand the power, and see how simple acts of appreciation and gratitude for the things you have now can shift you from upper left quadrant to upper right quadrant. 

Now I hope you can see that Universal Laws do not show bias, or can be cheated. They just are and we can either understand them and use them for our own benefit, or misunderstand them and be punished by our misunderstanding. Universal laws do not care for what is good or bad.  There is no such concept when it comes to Universal laws.  They just are there.  They are always active. There is no deviation to them.  If one person can use them, then all can use them. That is comforting isn't it? It gives hope.

I hope this post was helpful. Please feel free to share it with anyone who can benefit from it. Also I invite you to comment and share your opinions with all the readers on my Facebook and Twitter feeds.  Till next week, to your success.  

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