Tuesday, June 24, 2014


Good day and I hope you are having a great week. Today I want to delve deep into what it takes to succeed.  I am going to explore the triangle of success as hinted  to in the book Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill, and I will also relate that to the fact that there is no scarcity according to the Law of Attraction (LOA).
The principle of The Law of Attraction  states that there is no scarcity in the universe.  The Universe does nothing with strain.  We human beings have a hard time coming to grip with that fact especially considering the economic fact that  2-3%  of the population acquires and controls 97% of the wealth.  So how can I say that Universe does not do anything with scarcity and that scarcity does not exist? Scarcity is also a cornerstone in the science of economics.  What are my bases for advocating that there is no such thing as scarcity?

From the LOA stand point there is no scarcity. This principle can be demonstrated very simply by the fact that almost everyone at one point or another has ideas that occur to them that  they think would bring them wealth.  Think about yourself. Have you had some idea that you thought “oh my God this is the one. This would be what makes me a fortune”?  Those little gut feelings or inspirations that when they first occur to you, fill you with excitement, but then for one reason or another you brush them aside, or ignore them or listen to people who shoot holes in your dreams. Perhaps your previous beliefs make you think that it is impossible, hard to do, take too much capital, or that  it is out of your level of expertise.  From a Universal standpoint these vibrational pushes and hints are offerings  of opportunities.  The Law of Attraction dictates that whatever you give your attention to will attract more and more of the same.  When you are feeling good, and concentrating on bringing wealth, opportunities in the form of these thoughts occur to you. 

Now let’s discuss why 95-97% of the population does not follow through with these ideas?  In the great success book Think and Grow Rich, Napoleon Hill states that the three key characteristics of Thomas Edison and Henry Ford that made them successful were Persistence, concentration of effort, and definiteness of purpose.  These make up what I call the Triangle of Success.  In my previous blog I mentioned another quote by Napoleon Hill. He likens persistence to the character  of a man as carbon is to steel.  We know that in very few instances success comes immediately.  Libraries are full of biographies of people who have overcome amazing adversities to succeed.  So it is no surprise that success takes persistence. 

Concentration of effort is the opposite of being all over the place.  Scattering your energy and focus is what gives rise to procrastination.  Many people are very good at starting a  project, and have lots of ideas, but few are skilled at taking a project to its completion.  It is a scientific fact that you cannot concentrate on more than 3 important topics at a time and excel at all of them.   Anything more, destroys your focus and dooms the project.  I would go further and say that when you starting on your venture to become wealthy or successful, whatever that definition means to you, take one project at a time.  As ideas occur to you write them down and come back to them, but take one project to completion.  There is a psychological benefit to that  as well. When you finish something, you built in yourself the habit of following through with persistence and concentrated effort until you are done and you succeed.  This is a very important characteristic and habit to develop if you want to succeed in anything. 

Definiteness of purpose goes back to the core of what LOA is all about. You need to have a burning desire for what you want so when crap hits the fan you can have the internal fortitude to carry on.  If things are not important to you and if you don’t have a definiteness of purpose to follow through,  giving up is  very easy and excuses  will push you to other things, and  will get in your way.  So you see these three building blocks  of success will all feed into each other.  If you have read my book Road Map to Life, you know that the first step in setting a goal is to know exactly what you want and why you want it.  That is definiteness of purpose. Then you follow through with concentrated effort. Without the first you will not do the next step. Concentrated effort will then lead you into a focused mental attitude to be persistence and that will lead you to success. That will separate you from the 95% of the population who does not or is not willing to do what it takes.  That will make you a 3%er. 

I hope this was helpful, and as always I invite you to discuss what you read here on my Facebook Page and Twitter feed so we can benefit from different points of view.  Feel free to share this with anyone who may benefit from it and until next week, to your success.  

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