Tuesday, June 3, 2014


Good day and I hope you are having a great week. Today I want to explore the use of negative emotions and how to take advantage of them. Throughout the teachings and exploration of The Law of Attraction (LOA) you have learned that whatever your feelings are vibrating now, will attract more and more circumstances to continue to feel that way.  Therefore many people surmise  that if they are feeling bad feelings, like anger, hate, vengeance etc., it is a bad thing.  I was in agreement with this statement for the longest time.  Then I started to look at some examples of really hateful and angry people  who are amazingly successful, are amazingly wealthy, have seemingly all their stuff together.  So I started to think about it with an open mind and tried to go out of the box.  Here is my conclusion for discussion here.

As human beings we have control over The Law of Attraction (LOA), in fact we are the only specie on this planet if not the universe, that can control The LOA.  We have a choice on how we feel, and how we use those feelings.  So the next time you are angry or are in a state of mind that you would normally think of as negative mindset or feeling, go ahead and direct that to the goal that you want to acheive.  I say that because anger and hate are extremely strong vibrations, and in our today’s society they are allot easier to reach. People get pissed off allot faster and easier than they can be at peace and in a meditative state.  I wonder if I get an argument on this point.  I hope you agree with that.  If you need proof, try to drive in a rush hour traffic on any major freeway in the United States for a few hours.  You need to use these opportunities.  What you need to do when you get angry, or you get upset, or in a mode of wanting to exact some kind of revenge, is to use that high vibrational state and concentrate it on the goal that you want, instead of letting it go out into your reality like a shotgun blast with no direct focus other than to amplify your blanket feelings of negativity.

 Here is the difference in the two modes of this process.  When you concentrate that feeling and that vibrational state on the goals that you want, for example if I am angry that I don’t have time to spend with my children due to lack of money, I will get that highly intense vibrational state and focus it on making a million dollars per year.  While I am in that angry state, I can concentrate on the fact that when I am making a million dollars a year I would not have this issue.  Get the “why?” of your goal to help you here.  How much easier it would have been. The fact that I can easily hire a nanny, or an assistant, I can just take time off when I want to because I have multiple sources of income etc.  So the anger has put me into a high vibrational state, but instead of trying to stop it and go back, and try to create an opposite high vibrational state of being happy and grateful for stuff that I have right now, I will continue  in the high negative vibrational state and focus that energy on the things that I want. More often than not you will realize that your feelings will start to change from negative to positive without having to stop on a dime and go back and do it all over again.
Whereas the shotgun approach of having no control over your anger and feelings associated with negativity , as most people do by default, means that you are sending out that high vibrational energy in a situation where you are not really in control. So now the focus of the energy is on you being “not in control” and of course you are going to attract more and more circumstances of not being in control.  Your high vibrations are saying bring me more of what I don’t want, because that is the reason you are presumably pissed.  If you are focusing your energy of hate and anger on something that you want, you are now in control of that energy and again by The Law of attraction you will attract more and more opportunities to be in control. In my example that would be earning over a million dollars a year. 

So I hope this is as beneficial to you as when I stumbled on it.  Please leave me comments and thoughts on my Facebook Page and Tweet me your opinions good or bad. We can all learn from each other.  Till next week, to your success. 

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