Tuesday, June 17, 2014


Good day and I hope you are having a great week. Today I am going to explore some social paradigms that may be harming you, even though you may think they are harmless.  We will explore their meaning from the stand point of The Law of Attraction (LOA) and see how they reflect themselves when it comes to pursuing the road to success.  Let’s dive right in.

Have you even noticed that most people, maybe even you, cannot wait to share with others when things have gone wrong? I have noticed this in myself.  I can’t seem to be able to control myself. I just have to tell people the bad things that happened. Is it because I am seeking comfort or validation? Is it because I want camaraderie? Is it because I have been conditioned by society to share bad things? Have you also noticed that when people share bad things with us, we just can’t help join in the sorrow and share our own bad experiences or validate their feelings? Are we trying to empathizes with them? Are we trying to show that we are also confronted with misfortunes? Are we seeking pity?  Or are we just trying to do what is “normal”?

Now consider this. Most people have a hard time sharing with others, especially those who are not in their close relationships, the good things that happen to them. Why is that do you think? Does is come off as showing off, or bragging? Does it look like they are rubbing our nose in it? Is it prideful or egotistical?  Funny isn’t it, how societies reaction to bad things seems to be ok and even encouraged in the name of empathy, but sharing of positive things is seen as somehow not classy or within socially acceptable behavior.  Think about your own reactions in the past when someone you did not know really well, was excited about something great that they achieved or had happened to them.  What is your reaction when someone tells you they got a really great deal on a house, or you see or hear on the news that so and so has won the lottery?  Is it resentment? Is it envy? Can you be honestly happy for them? But then most people have no problem empathizing with disaster, or accidents.  Take a look at our news if you think I am making this up.  What makes up the bulk of news programing? Have you heard the saying “if it bleeds, it leads”?  Does this seem right to you? Am I not stating the obvious?

At the risk of being redundant, I am going to go into The Law of Attraction’s perspective of these incidences, since after all this blog is about LOA.  If you have been reading this blog for any length of time and are familiar with the concepts of The Law of Attraction, you can see where I am going with this. That is the recognition I want to bring to your attention in this post.  When we associate negative vibrations to good things, we are actually pushing them away from us.  Worse yet, by associating negativity to good things, we are actually anchoring negative feelings as triggers to when things go well for us. Is there any reason why “good times don’t last”,  when you are conditioned and create these triggers for yourself?  Conversely when we are attaching one of the highest vibrational feelings to bad things, like love for those who are devastated, we are again anchoring positive vibrations to bad situations, and then we wonder why bad things keep on happening over and over.  We attract to our reality what we give attention to with our feelings.  Feelings of love and hate are extremely powerful vibrations.  Is there any question why the Universe is confused about what you want? You say you want wealth, but when you hear a news of someone winning the lottery you are filled with negative feelings of envy, or disgust.  Yet you say you don’t want to experience bad situations but you are sending out the feeling of love and empathy when you see victims of fires and floods on the news. 

I am not saying do NOT be compassionate and do not have empathy.  Let me make that very clear.  This is an educational post, designed to get you to understand that what you do unintentionally is programming your subconscious to create your reality.  I am trying to shed some light on the subject so you can recognize and use these feelings as a manifestor rather than just someone who is experiencing things by default.  I cannot tell you what the right response is in any situation.  That is because I cannot feel what you are feeling in different situations. What I can teach you, is to take control of how you respond to good things and bad things.  Do empathize with victims. Send a donation check and send love and good vibration and think of the good your donation will do. See the victims getting back on their feet.  Do no delve on their sorrow and wallow in their pity.  When you hear good news, be happy, and also empathize with the winners.  Share your wins with others, and feel pride and gratitude instead of ego and superiority.  What you concentrate on will keep on happening in your life.  Concentrate on the good things.  Supercharge good things with your emotions.  Monitor your feelings when bad things happen and make sure they do not reach your subconscious without your input by default. 

I hope this post made sense and has stimulated your thinking.  Share with me your thoughts, and lessons on my Facebook page  and/ orTwitter feed.  Feel free to send this post to anyone who can benefit from it.  Until next week, to your continued success. 

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