Tuesday, September 2, 2014


A very good day to you, I hope you are having a blast. I was reading The Amazing Power of Deliberate Intent by Jerry and Esther Hicks, and at the same time listening to Ask and It  Is Given by the same authors in my car lately. There must have been something that I must have read and heard many times before, but this time it totally resonated with me. Maybe because this time I was in the receiving mood. Maybe because I am working on a project to benefit the masses.  For whatever reason it lead to this post.  I hope you will enjoy this. 

There may be issues with our world, our economy, our politicians, etc.  There may be green house, and toxins, and rain forest issues.  There is hunger and poverty and all that all around the world and all around us. BUT I BELIEVE THE WORLD IS GETTING BETTER EVERY DAY AND WILL CONTINUE TO DO SO. The reason why the world is only getting better and will continue to get better is very simple.  Every second of everyday millions of people are experiencing a difference  between their ideal self, and their present circumstances.  Those differences lead to desires being launched as Abraham-Hicks refer to it. 

From our study of The Law of Attraction we know that as soon as you ASK, it is immediately GIVEN.  The only hiccup is with the allowing.  When people are in a place of sadness, envy, anger, desperation, etc. they cannot allow the goodness that they are looking for or desiring.  But never the less all those desires are immediately coming towards them. By the mere fact that they occupy the same world as we do, all those good things are also coming towards us.  So for the students of The Law of Attraction, as you learn to allow, and as you learn to be in joy with yourself, you are not only receiving the good things that you want, but also receiving the good things that thousands of generations before you have asked for. This also applies to the future.

As you go about experiencing new journeys,  and having new wants, and desires, you are immediately bringing more and more good things towards you and the rest of the world.  There is no scarcity and there is no lack. This is the beauty of being able to learn to use the LOA, because the good things that you may not have imagined, are on their way to you because someone else has already imagined it.   You just need to enjoy it. Do you want proof? Here is few things I did not think of but I am taking advantage of:
                Electricity, car, phone, iPhone, iPad, computer, internet, calculator, medicine, yoga, jiu jitsu, instant ability to print in my home, instant ability to drink clean water in my home, ability to read thousands upon thousands of books, ability to watch movies, to even have movies, ability to be warm at night or cool during the day. You get the idea.
Be warned however, that the same thing applies to all the other non-joyous stuff.  The Law of Attraction does not discriminate. It is always fair and always the way it has always been;  CONSTANT. It WILL BRING TO YOU WHAT YOU GIVE YOUR ATTENTION TO with emotion.  Do you want to go around and look for more baby seals getting killed, or do you want to go around looking for wonderful children playing in clean, safe environments?  There is no judgment here.  I praise organizations that want to save wild life, and the environment. The passion they have is a very strong vibration.  I just choose to put my attention on things I want to have in my life more and more. I want to choose to pay attention to the things that bring more joy into my life.  I know what I give most of my attention to with emotions, attracts more of the same. The question is what do you want to have more in your life?

I hope this was helpful. I welcome your comments, criticism, rebuttal, etc. on my Facebook page and twitter.  With love and wish for your continued success. Till next week.  

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