Tuesday, February 2, 2016


Good day and I hope you are having a great day.  This week I am going to discuss dealing with people.  As far as The Law of Attraction (LOA) goes dealing with people comes down to a simple formula which is by no means easy.  That formula is what Abraham-Hicks has been teaching since the beginning and is summed up in the statement “nothing is more important than you feeling good right now”. 

What is the greatest challenge when it comes to dealing with people seems to be that we usually think that people think the way we do.  That mentality leads to many misunderstanding and conflicts.  If you think about it, the science behind the principle has success built into it. If you are concentrating on feeling good now, you will attract more opportunities to feel good. The challenge is to stick to the principle when other people tend to enter your reality. We do happen to share this world with others. Since most of us are not 100 % concentrating on manifesting our reality, there will be times when other peoples “realities” or “default manifestations” encroach on ours.  For example as I am driving down the 15 Freeway and I am in my own groove, the traffic jam should not really affect me. I can use the time to do many things. I can do some positive imagery, I can do rampage of appreciation practice, I can do deep breathing, or any number of things that will help me enjoy the time I am spending on the Freeway, but what happens? I get tense, I start thinking what if I am late, which then brings in more opportunities for me to be late. I start looking for other lanes and get more frustrated when people cut in front of me or I cannot cut in front of them. All of this just starts to bring in the negativity that the bulk of the people on that freeway have been manifesting by default and now it has encroached on my reality. 

This  train of events is even more challenging when we are dealing with loved ones.  There is just something about our loved ones that have a way of knocking us off balance or keeping us centered.  That is why it is so important that your significant others, and your loves ones are on the same train of mind as you are when it comes to LOA. Because emotions are the key factor in the vibration we sent out and hence the manifestation we get back, dealing with loves ones tends to have a very rapid impact on the vibration we send out.  Dealing with loves ones always entails emotions.  That emotions has a tendency to very easily help us in “feeling good now” or just as easily knock us off target from “feeling good now”. 

This has been a constant challenge for me all my life, and the one thing that I have found to help me in this endeavor is SLOWING DOWN.  It is so important to not let the emotion continue to build up.  Because very quickly that will become a snowball that we cannot control and then we are off to a negative feedback loop.  The key is to recognize that when people are not seeing eye to eye with us, we need to slow down.  Slowing down can be accomplished as easily as concentrating on our breathing for a few minutes.  Removing ourselves from the situation if possible and return with a fresh perspective.  Doing whatever it takes to prevent the initial emotional urges to take control. Breathing and slowing down will give us a chance to take an inventory and see if “it feels good, or it feels bad”. That way if we are feeling bad we can immediately start to change that thought pattern and try to reach for something that feels just a little better.

Thinking of something that feels a little better will in turn bring us more opportunities to feel better, slowly we can bring ourselves out of the emotional hijack that usually takes over and sends us spiraling down.  I hope this makes sense to you. I look forwards to seeing what you think about this post. Please put comments on my Facebook page or send me tweets on my Twitter feed with comments or suggestions about this post.  As always share this with anyone who may benefit from this and till next week, to your success. 

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