Tuesday, May 24, 2016


Good day and I hope you are having a great start to the week.  This week I am going to explore the reason behind the fact that it usually takes many people to hit rock bottom before they manage to succeed. This is just my opinion and based on extrapolation of the Universal Facts of The Law of Attraction (LOA). I think at the very least it will make you think about success in different terms.
We know that the LOA works weather we happen to know about it or not or weather we believe it or not.  It is a Universal Law. Like gravity and electricity it is just there to be used or abused. If you have been a student of the LOA you also know that Thoughts will lead you to express Emotions that will attract to them opportunities for more of that emotion to manifest.  Another words FEELINGS tell the Universe what we WANT and what we attract. How does this jive with the fact that many of the greatest and most successful people in the world have come from humble beginnings, and rock bottom circumstances? Why do we keep on reading and hearing about rags to riches stories? Stick with me and let’s dive into the simple way that LOA works.

Abraham-Hicks teachings make it really simple by explaining that the key to our success and getting what we want is not to try to go from misery to joy, but rather the trick is taking small steps and reaching for what feels a little better.  Humans can take an immense amount of abuse, and torture.  Yet there is a certain point where we just cannot tolerate anymore. There is an absolute bottom for each person, where we say enough. At that point there are only few options. To fight back or to give up.  It is rare for people to reach that level under normal conditions in Western society.  Even with nothing, there are infrastructures in place to help.  That is why rags to riches is rare. There are plenty of opportunities which allow people to just tolerate their circumstance.

Once the bottom is reached however, something clicks.  When you cannot tolerate anymore, you change your vibration. Change directions from the feelings that are negative to ones that feel a bit better. Of course when you are at the bottom everything SEEMS negative, but from the Universe’s perspective, anger is better or higher vibration than depression.  So as you hang on to those feelings that make your feel more empowered, or a little better and keep on changing them for better and better, you ride the manifestation of more and more opportunities to get better and better. Many people do this unknowingly.  They get pissed, then they find blame, and  hope, then they have positive expectation, then they have optimism, etc. until they succeed. 

More often though we get stuck in a one-step forwards and two step back situation.  A depressed person gets pissed. They start to feel a little better, but how does society react to anger?  The feedback from their “real WORLD” is “don’t be angry, or anger is bad”. So they go back to being depressed, and now hopeless.  At some point though most people will have enough and will start to reach again for something that feels a little better.  Depending on how they work with this gradual shift in their feelings, they can either get out of the slump and even succeed or go back and forth with frustration.  If the person can continue to reach for better and better feelings, they will accidentally touch upon the GREAT SECRET OF THE LAW OF ATTRACTION.  At some point they start to give gratitude, and start to think about other things i.e. visualize, and that will bring feelings of excitement. If they have support, or if they are strong enough or even if they are just fed up enough they will break the chain of negativity and continue to ride the feeling up to better and better manifestations.

The awesome thing is that good feelings do NOT HAVE A CEILING.  How cool is that? Just like gravity.  If you had told me 30 years ago that people would be literally walking up walls, I would tell you, you were smoking something. But Google parkour or Free-running and you will see what the human body is capable of doing.  The only ceiling on the success you can achieve is placed there by you, as you grow and react to new challenges.  So how are you going to react? More importantly are you going to wait until you can’t take it anymore to start to change your feeling for ones that feel just a little bit better?

I hope this makes sense or at least got you to think about it. As always share this with anyone who may benefit from it and leave me comments on my Facebook page and Twitter feed. Till next week, to your success. 

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