Tuesday, May 17, 2016


Good day and I hope you are having a great week. Recently I saw on my Linked In news feed a video of a young lady with the heading “millennial rant goes viral”. While I thought the message was well articulated, it got me thinking about what we are concentrating and sharing.  This is the topic that I want to call your attention to this week. Do we have the right to criticize? Should we, even if we do? And What are the Law of Attraction (LOA)  implication of criticism?

Let’s start with the  bottom line premise of LOA. 100% personal responsibility. Remember that the concepts, teachings, and the tools we use in the Law of Attraction are based on the energy we send out for our own personal manifestation and desires.  We cannot want or apply the LOA for others, or to others.  We can only guide people to seek and use it for themselves. I have noticed it has always been easy to criticize people.  It is not a Millennial, GenX, GenY, Baby boomer, or any other generational tendency. Sometimes it is meant well. At other times it is a defense mechanism to mask shortcomings.  I also want to be clear, when I am talking about criticism, I am talking about the unsolicited feedback.  I am not talking about the time when you reach out to a mentor or trusted advisor and ask for help.  I am talking about sharing our unfounded, often poorly researched or thought-out comments about people in an attempt to be humorous, or for a topic of debate. I personally have to work on stopping this type of action. It is sending out the vibration I do not want around me.

It does not matter what I may be criticizing.  If I have not accomplished, or dealt with the issue I attempt to criticize, I most definitely am not qualified to criticize it.  Let’s use the Presidential elections. Regardless of what I think about the candidates, I have not been in their shoes running for the highest office of the nation, therefore even though it is my right to vote for my candidate based on my values, and thoughts about the future of my country, I do not have the right to criticize them.  I would go and say even voicing comments on the negative is something I want to get away from.  Why? Let’s break it down.

I attract whatever I give attention to.  Unsolicited criticism is coming from a place of insecurity and lack.  It is saying I am better than you, or I know more than you, or I am afraid of what you will do. Even if this is true, the vibration of the message is negative.  It is far from gratitude.  In essence it will attract opportunities where I can feel better than someone else, or fearful, which is manifestation of something that does not feel good and  is not what I want. If all was well and I had my desires I would not have the NEED to feel like I am better than someone else.  The whole point of “I have to be better than someone else” is the competitive scarcity mentality. 
It does not matter if I think someone is lazy, or feels wrongfully entitled, or is rude, or crass, or will be ruining my country. All of these will attract to me situations where I will see lazy, entitled, rude, crass, and ruin for my country. By giving the situation the attention of criticism I am attracting more opportunity to criticize which is usually something I DO NOT WANT, otherwise why would I criticize.  Why in the world would I want to attract the crap into my life just for the opportunity to criticize????

Do you now see when I titled this Bad JU JU, what I meant?  You may mean well, but you are only setting yourself up for more disharmony by criticizing.  Envision the world and your day as you want, and not the way you don’t want it.  Go about visualizing and concentrating on the things that make your heart sing. Pay gratitude for the wonderful things in your life, your community, your country and the world.  It really makes no difference who becomes the President, unless you want to give that your attention.  If you are running for President, then yes that is a big deal for you.  Otherwise, for most of us it really is a matter of wanting the best for our country, and visualizing and concentrating on the good and not trying to FIGHT THE BAD, because fighting the bad will only attract more stuff to fight. Do you see the negative feedback loop? I hope so.
I hope this made sense to you. Use your social media platform for giving attention and strength to what you want, and not what you don’t want. You have a tremendous amount of power to elicit emotions with social media. Use that power responsibly.  Comment and share your ideas on my Facebook page and Twitter feed.  With love, and gratitude, I wish you success till next week.

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