Tuesday, June 28, 2016


Good day and I hope you are having a great day.  I have been taught, have experienced, and teach that gratitude is the greatest and fastest way to get what you want.  Yet I still find people who ask, A.J. how can I be grateful when everything is going down the toilet? As I am writing this, the U.K. exited the EU, there are floods in South Western part of the United States, AND The Dow Jones industrial average has lost over 600 points. Do you know what else I saw? I saw an exert of Anthony Robins’ seminar where he said if you are living in the United States, you are in the top 1% of the all the earners in the world. Did you hear that? In the world.

He was NOT  talking about the Donald Trump, or Bill Gates. He is talking about the average American.  We may think that we have it tough and I am not by any means making light of the plight of many people who are suffering, but when you think about it in the global scale, there are millions of people who live in conditions and situations that are really unthinkable.  Imagine living on $1.40 per week. That would not even cover your coffee at McDonalds, let alone Starbucks.  

Why am I bring up what looks like doom and gloom? I am not. I am setting up the context to show you  that where ever you think you are now, and how bad it maybe, there are millions of people around the world that do not have the fraction of the comforts you have, and yet are more grateful for those little things that we are here in the U.S. with the freedoms, and conveniences that we have.  I am also not intending to make you feel bad. Because we all know when we send out the vibration of feeling bad we attract more of the opportunities to feel bad. So I want you to stop right now, and write down 3 things you are genuinely grateful for.  Stop and get into the feeling of gratitude for just 2 minutes.  Take something important. The fact that you have eyes to read this blog is a really good one.  The fact that you have internet. The fact that you are healthy enough to be here.  The fact that you have loved ones.  The fact that you love someone. All these things are wonderful examples of things we can really feel great about.

Most people think MISTAKENLY  that The Law of Attraction (LOA) AND  Success journeys are a straight line process from start to your goal. It is not.  That is a good thing too.  You will be taken thought filters to make sure what you want is actually what you want. The process also makes you a stronger and better person at the end of it.  Be grateful for the ups and downs you go through visualizing your desires.  Many people go up and down for nothing at all and you, by the mere fact that you know about LOA are learning and gaining from it. 

I hope this makes sense to you and please feel free to share this week’s brief post.  I have written about Gratitude before, and I want to remind you that there is nothing more important and nothing is easier to get you on the higher vibration.  So practice gratitude often, and pass it forward by teaching people to be grateful.

Comment on my Facebook page or Twitter feed about the this post and let me know what you think. I will answer all posts and tweets.  Have a great week, and until next week, to your success.   

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