Tuesday, June 14, 2016


Good day and I hope you are having a wonderful week. This week I wanted to give you a clear explanation about The Law of Attraction’s (LOA) explanation behind parables, or cliché that “it is always darkest before dawn”, or “opportunities are just one step beyond the point where a person quits”, or “the sun will always shine tomorrow”,  or however you have heard it and whatever you may believe.

I am going to explain this to you in very simple terms, and I hope it will help you to achieve more success using The LOA once you know the knowledge and can then apply this knowledge to the negativity that usually arises and sabotages your goals.  Just like when you first learned about The LOA, you started to notice things happening like getting parking spots, or cups of coffee, I am confident that when you know the reason, you can get through the rough times to achieve your desires. 

When you are desiring something, you are usually expanding your comfort zones.  You are expanding because your current status of what you want, are not a match vibrationally to the ideal.  You are rising your vibration mentally, but you are not there physically.  When you start reaching for something that is better, your subconscious is already stuck in a comfort zone.  So reaching for desires and shooting for success will immediately bring up erroneous thoughts of negativity, doubt, and protective mechanisms that I have explained in a different blog post entitled 66,000,000 Year old Curse of Human Kindwhich is ingrained in our DNA to protect us from the dinosaurs, and the Saber Toothed Tigers.  Those erroneous beliefs and subconscious incorrect thoughts attracted to them increased amount of negativity when compared to not reaching for a new desire.  Because when you reach for a desire these negative thoughts will suddenly come up to try to “protect you” as I explained in the video blog before.  These negative thoughts are usually not conscious, so they will attract to them a brief period of negativity and darkness which  if you are not aware of the root cause can last longer and longer and cause you to give up.

It is  therefore imperative that you realize that when you are reaching for a new desire, there will be a brief time where you are seemingly hitting your head against the wall, or perhaps you seem to have hit a lot of obstacles, or you are the poster child for the cliché “when it rains it pours”.  Realize that these are because of those erroneous subconscious beliefs that are ingrained in your comfort zone, and now you are challenging them. You are causing a “threat” to the status quo.  What you need to do is to maximize your affirmations, maximize your gratitude for the things that you have, and reestablish the faith that you will achieve what you desire.  It is extremely important to once again 1) reestablish your affirmations towards this desire, 2) give gratitude for your current condition, and 3) establish your faith and belief that what you are desiring is yours.  The good news is as you get used to this, it will happen less and less because your subconscious will start to realize that it is part of the process so you will not be sending the vibration of fear. 

That is the key to sailing through the storm that is attracted to you because of the subconscious thoughts that are in your comfort zone when you desire new and better things.  Having this knowledge, you can now look at those dark moments as very real signposts that you are about to reach your desires.  Now you know these difficulties are arising and you can handle them properly, reaffirm your belief and reach your goals faster. 

I hope this makes sense and helps. If you have questions, please use the Facebook links and post them on my Facebook page and I will answer them, or send me a tweet on my Twitter feed. Till next week, to your success. 

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