Tuesday, December 24, 2013


Good day and I hope you are having a great day. Perhaps just like my grandmother, you have someone who believes in the saying “it is meant to be”, or “everything happens for a reason”, or “everything is happening as it should for your best interest”.  There is a significant amount of faith involved with these statements, and again I am not here to preach, but to explore the logic behind this as well as how The Law of Attraction works through such things.  

So let’s delve right in.  When you are subscribing to such statements, you are essentially indicating that you believe the Source will take care of you when you follow the path.  That is essentially the second step of using the law. If you recall, you ask, then you believe, the how is not your job. You are believing that as you take your actions to the presented opportunities, no matter what, you are going to be lead to the right path and the results are to your best interest even though they may not at first seem to be the results you are looking for.

You will also notice as I have many times in my life, that when you try to fight the force, and essentially trying to dictate the “how”, you are limiting yourself and also bringing distrust into the equation. You cannot know all the parts to the equation. There are greater forces at play. Distrust is not a good way to start no matter if you believe in faith or are a believer of quantum mechanics.  The bright side of listening to grandma is that it is less stressful as well.  What can you do when fecal matter hits the oscillating percolator anyway by feeling let down or upset? You are messing your own vibration and when you let your emotions take a nose dive what are you now attracting more of to yourself? Can you see the beauty of it. You can bitch and moan and attract more crap to you, or you can say it is meant to be and move on to the next action that will get you what you want. Keep the vibration high, and the feelings good, and you will be presented with the opportunities to feel  more of the same .  

It is a simple concept to grasp, especially when you understand how The Law of Attraction works, but by no means is this an easy concept to apply.  By nature we don’t like it when things do not go our way and our natural instinct is to feel bad. But you are more than your instinct. You now know that the way you feel will bring more of it to you so as a human being you can control your feelings and this way of thinking  is a great way of diminishing the resistance that is felt when you are faced with challenges.

I hope this makes sense and I hope you enjoyed this short post. As always please let me know what you think by commenting on my Facebook Page and / or on my Twitter feed. I always love to hear from you even when you do not agree with me. We can all learn. Until next Tuesday, I wish you great success.

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