Tuesday, December 31, 2013


Good day and I hope you are having a great week. We just celebrated Christmas in the West. It is a time of joy and celebration and it also signals yet another year ending soon.  I hope this year had been filled with joy and success for you and your family. Today I want to discuss the power of appreciating what you want to have so you can get your 2014 started on the right foot.

Throughout history there are numerous examples of masses of people appreciating what they had and continue to have in advance to increase prosperity and wellness in their lands and their lives. The Egyptians celebrated the flooding of the Nile for centuries to ensure the continuous flow of the river that enables them to harvest and make a living.  American Indians,  as well as Australian Aborigines  performed rain dances to ask for rain that helped them enjoy a fruitful harvest. African Tribes perform  pre-hunt ceremonies to ensure a successful hunt. You may dismiss these as superstitious practices, but are they without merit? I argue not so .

When you go about to toast your bread for breakfast you do not worry about how the electricity from your wall socket is converting the heating elements inside the toaster to heat, which toasts your bread do you? You just trust that when you put your bread in the toaster and push down the lever your bread will be toasted.  The same is true with other universal laws like gravity, and of course The Law of Attraction.  Appreciating what you want in advance of having it is an extremely powerful use of The Law of Attraction (LOA).  For one thing it generates and releases positive energy from you. For another thing it signals belief that you are ready to accept what you want. The HOW is not your problem.

So this year, celebrate what you want to have. Make a huge deal about it. Party, dance, sing, shout, do it alone if you feel embarrassed or shy. Do it with the people who you love and can understand your enthusiasm.  Do a “perfect weight- dance”.  Do a “promotion at work-dance”.  Do a “money from all over the place-Dance”. Notice that I did not say “lose weight” or “get out of debt”.  Universe does not understand words of negation.   Get into the feeling of excitement and gratitude and happiness. The most important thing is your feeling. Remember this theme is repeated many times in my posts.  I cannot emphasize this enough.  It is not the words you say. It is the feeling you get. You have to feel good about what you want in order to have it.  Saying I have lots of money while feeling like this is B.S. only gets you more debt.  Celebrate what you have right now. Enjoy the fact that you have time off.  Enjoy the fact that you can sit and read this blog post without having to slave in a cave somewhere for a war lord. Give thanks that you are healthy no matter what your health is like right now.  Celebrate your life as you are the most magnificent being on this world. BECAUSE YOU ARE. 

May this coming year bring you everything you ask for. May you be healthy, wealthy, happy and at peace.  I hope you enjoyed this post. As always put a comment on my FacebookPage and Twitter. Share this with anyone who can benefit from it.

 Happy New year to you and yours and I wish you success in everything you do. With love A.J.


  1. Hi AJ, we met on Twitter and I looked into your blog. Really love the way you embrace the LAO. Allthough I am not working with this, my focus is slightly different your approach sounds genuine and I will follow your advise to Celebrate :-) Really good you pointed out the focus on the positive thoughts.

    1. Thank you for the kind words Karin. I enjoy positive people and it is my honor that you took the time to read this blog. See on twitter. 😃


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