Tuesday, December 10, 2013


Good day and I hope you are having a great day. Today I am going to give you something that will make your look good. It is something so simple that you will in all likelihood take for granted. Many of you will feel awkward doing it. Some will actually fear or even hate doing this. If you fall in the latter category I urge you to do it anyway. You are the ones that need this the most. Either way I can only provide you the tools. I cannot want it for you. I cannot make you do it. It is FREE and takes very little effort. What do you have to lose?

What do bodybuilders, models, good looking people, healthy people have in common? What action they love to do allot? Well there are tons of stuff but what I am getting at is the fact they like to look at themselves. They look at themselves in the mirror, take pictures of themselves, look at themselves in the magazines etc. They love and appreciate every part of themselves. I am proposing that is a very big part of why they look so good as opposed to the other way around. It is not they look good so they look at themselves, it is they look at themselves lovingly so hence they look good. Take a read of the blog on BE, DO, HAVE. Stick with me because if you have followed me along this blog, you will know that I will link this to the law of attraction and science.

We have all heard of the experiment where ultra-fine photographs of ice were taken under the circumstances of harmony and anger and resulted in very different lattice structures when viewed under microscope. Well in recent times I have heard conflicting reports on the validity of that experiment. It really does not make a difference. As you know the law of attraction states, you will attract what you give your attention to. Your cells are living. Your cells are part of you. You are a magnificent being created in the image of the creator and the source. Whether you are religious or not you have agree that your body systems are an amazing combination of well-tuned, and well-engineered machinery to say the least. The totality of this is that your natural state is well being. The natural state of your cells is well being. You just have to let them get there. How do you do that? Glad you asked.

Attention. Well intentioned and loving attention. We all need it and your cells are no different. Every one of your cells knows exactly what to do and when to do it. More importantly each of the cells of your body are in contact with the whole, giving feedback and information to your central nervous system. Just like each one of us needs attention, I am proposing (no I don’t have any scientific proof for it at this time) that each and every one of your cells also wants and needs YOUR loving attention. When you get sick, it is because your cells are not getting the right type of attention, and they are giving you a nudge. Your life is full of stress. You are like a hamster on a wheel going a million miles a minute and you do not take the time to just appreciate yourself or your magnificent body. Stop and spend some time in loving appreciation of your body. But A.J. you say, “I am 40 lbs over weight”. Well are you ready for my answer: “Who gives a rat’s A$$? IF YOU CANNOT APPRECIATE YOURSELF, HOW CAN YOU EXPECT OTHERS TO DO IT FOR YOU?”

I don’t care how “un-attractive” you may THINK you are, you are a magnificent creature with the potential to be magnificent. When you are getting sick, and feel that scratchy feeling in the end of your throat, stop and give attention to the cells of your throat. Give them love, by saying something crazy like “I love you guys. I know you know how to be in perfect health. I am giving you the attention you need, please heal yourself”. Make is crazy. Make it a game. Everyone likes games. BUT I WARN YOU!!! DO NOT BE SARCASTIC. You do not want to piss off your cells.

Look at yourself lovingly in the mirror. Appreciate the beauty that is you. Take your own pictures. Then take actions on what you want. Go and exercise, and keep on looking at yourself. See the progress you are making. Change your eating habits to eat more healthy. Look at yourself in the mirror. Love your tummy. Your fat cells know what they need to do. They will not be hurt by the fact that you want them gone. They know the wellbeing of your whole is more important and they know the exact proportion that they should exist in. But if you look at yourself in the mirror and exclaim with disgust “I’m fat” well you guessed it, you will get what you give your attention to. See I told you I will link this to The Law of Attraction. As you appreciate yourself, if there are feelings of guilt and envy, acknowledge them. Do not push them away. Ask for guidance either out loud or in silence and wait for the answer. “I know I should be so and so pounds, but I am not. What should I do?” will get an answer. Listen to it and take action. This is not a sit on you’re a$$ feel good exercise. If you want results you have to take action on the opportunities and responses that the source is providing for you. If you ignore them, just like when you ignore your cells, they will let you know about it. How do they get your attention? By making you sick. It is not rocket science people. Love yourself, and treat your cells the way you would treat a really special friend. If you want to support your best friend on the brink of dying would you humor them by sitting on the couch when you know they need to go and have a walk around the block? No you would not. You have millions of best friends, that at times you are neglecting. Do not ignore them. Love them. Look at them. Talk to them. See the results.

I hope you enjoyed this post and I am really interested in how this will work for you so please leave me a comment at my Facebook or on Twitter. Share this with anyone who may benefit from it and as always, here is to your success.

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