Tuesday, March 22, 2016


Good day and I hope you are having a great week. Today I am going to leave a little demonstration at the end of this post to drive home the point of total abundance.  I do not understand why people that seemingly have very good reasoning and moral standards and genuinely love people who share their views,  have to at put a section of a society or certain people down in order to raise themselves.  I don’t understand the concept of competition. I don’t understand the lack mentality anymore since I have been studying the Law of Attraction (LOA), and I would like to give you a demonstration that I hope will drive home this concept visually.

We have to realize that our feeling and the thoughts which initiate those feelings dictate our reality.  This is a very emotional year in the U.S. due to presidential elections.  There are many groups that not only this year but at any time regularly put signs near stores, one of which I just passed that elicited this post, who put a certain group down in order to prove their own devoutness, or conviction to a particular organization.  They must believe that they have to put others down to prove their way is right. Most of us weather religious or not believe that there is some kind of a creator or at the very least a single source.  You can see my previous blog on One Source

So how can people who genuinely believe in one source continue to put others down? If we are all coming from one source, if we are made up of the same energy, how can our behavior that maybe different than others put us in a better or worse category as human beings. 

This makes no sense to me. The same is true about resources, or lack thereof. The more we concentrate on lack of resources the more we perpetuate that reality. The more we concentrate on “ I have to take from you to succeed” the more we bring about this type of reality and prove that this is a lack focused world. That is not the way Source designed us.  We come from the Source. We have the ability of the Source, and there is complete and total abundance for all.  We are created from the same energy as the Source.  We are not limited. We are complete. We are abundant. We are prosperous. 

I hope this makes sense. Enjoy the following video and please leave me comments or questions on my Facebook page or Tweet me on mytweeter feed. Till next week, to your continuing success.

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