Tuesday, March 15, 2016


Good day and I hope you are having a great week.  This week I wanted to bring your attention to the habits of people who are successful. I wanted to point out that if you wanted to be successful in any endeavor, it is usually easiest to look at people who are successful in what you want to do and then do what they do. 

There are some generalities to success habits that most successful people practice regardless of the category of success. One of those is that most successful people have a library and take part in reading. The other common practice is that most successful people have a  SET place where they can collect their thoughts, meditate, or pray etc. They all have a sort of a SANCTUARY and use it daily. 

I recently created such a room in my house.  Even though I have used meditation regularly in my life, there is something different about having a set place to clear my mind, and calm myself as well as to strengthen my vibration.  The longer I use this place repeatedly, the easier it is to get to a neutral vibration at times where challenges rattle me, and send my vibration off balance. It is also easier for me to raise my vibration for manifesting what I want when I do my visualization and deliberate creation work in a routine place. 

Just like The Law of Attraction (LOA) there are other Universal laws that are available and can be used to help us in our success.  One such law is the fact that the brain, specifically the sub-conscious gets used to regularity.  It in fact seeks comfort in habits.  This is a fact that can hamper us when we are trying to expand our comfort zone, but we can also use it to our benefit by exponentially speeding up the control of our vibration and feelings.  When the sub-conscious is working within the confines of a comfort zone the resistance to input is lower than when you are trying to work against those comfort zones.  If you know anyone who has tried to lose weight, you know how hard it is to change habits of unhealthy eating to good habits.

When you have a set place to clear your mind and meditate on peace and solitude, that place itself eventually will become a tool you can use.  It becomes a stimulus to a conditioned response just like the Pavlov’s dogs experiment pictured here. It becomes something that will eventually automatically induce a sense of peace and calmness that is critical to your visualization and manifestation.  When you can instantly reach balance and harmony by simply entering a specific place, you have a sanctuary to gain strength from in times of challenges. 

You can create your sanctuary any way you wish. It does not have to elaborate or large.  If you are spiritual or religious use symbols of your faith and those which bring your comfort.  If you are not, use anything you want that stimulates positive energy in you.  Use your vision boards around as you meditate and visualize.  Make this a place of positivity. Keep it separate from your work area where sometimes chaos hits it. Keep it, if you will, sacred.  Treasure its solitude and do not allow anyone to disturb it.  Even if it is a cleaned out closet, it has to be a special place for you and I stress for you alone.  You want to have a link to this place that gets stronger and stronger the more you use it. 

The sanctuary is like any other tool you can use to help yourself live the life of your dream.  Just like vision board or affirmations a sanctuary can be a powerful tool.  I hope this stuff makes sense and you can use it. If you have any questions please comment on my Facebook page and Twitterfeed. Till next week to your success. 

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