Tuesday, March 29, 2016


Good day and I hope you are having a great day.  This week, I come back to a recurring topic that relates to 100% personal responsibility.  I was reading the book The Science of Getting Rich by Wallace Wattles again, and a part of it made me think.  Since this book was written in 1917 or so, the author was explaining the “certain way of thinking” where it pertains to earning income in terms of the popular businesses of the time. He mentioned that you can achieve the income that you like. “You may not be able to compete with the J.J. Hills or the like in the rail road business…”. That really struck a chord with me. Let me explain.

Even personally I sometimes get stuck in the how part of achieving a manifestation.  Maybe it is because I am a guy, or too anal.  Maybe it is just a part of what society has drilled into my head that you have to figure it out. The point is that this is an “employee” thinking mentality.  Nothing wrong with it, but rarely is a fortune (monetary)  made thinking like an employee.  Think about it. Employees are actually rewarded for thinking “independently” or “being self-managed” but within the confines of a set of rules.  Both good qualities until you get stuck within the confines of  “in the box thinking”.

The key to what Mr. Wattles was indicating and what The Law of Attraction stresses is the fact that when you start desiring and visualizing what you want you can really cut yourself off if you are fixated on a “particular way of going about achieving things”.  This is where a little humility will go a long way.  Remember you are being aided by a Source much greater than you. I witness this on a smaller scale when I try to help my little girls do their homework.  They want to go about doing the problems the only way they have been taught, or more likely the newest way they have been taught when another path or technique maybe much easier. 

Take for example my desire to own a Porsche 911 Turbo convertible.  I may only see the result coming from obtaining a monetary amount of $210,000 and in my narrow vision I am concentrating on getting that amount of money, but I am now forgetting that my actual desire was the car not the money.   That is why the first step is being very clear about exactly what it is that you want. If it is money, what is it that you think that money will bring for you. Is it just the number in the bank account, or is it a home, a car, a life style? You want to concentrate on what the final outcome is that you are looking for, and not how to get to the final outcome. 

Don’t get me wrong, planning your ACTION is a key step in reaching your goal, but the plan has to be fluid depending on the opportunities that will open up to you.  Let me give you another example.  Recently I thought I wanted an Apple watch.  For some reason that was the new thing I wanted to have.  I did not really want to spend $400 or so on it, so I tried to see how I could “win” one, or look on Groupon for it. It met with some success, as there were adds with small discounts that suddenly rushed into my e-mail box. Yet when I suddenly let go of the how, out of nowhere I was contacted by a customer that needed one-on-one coaching for a few weeks. Now I don’t do personal coaching unless the client is recommended by one of my personal clients, but something about this person, and the amount of effort they had spent finding me hit home and I agreed. Boom just like that the money for the Apple watch came in.  I enjoyed the experience of helping the client, and I made a good friend in the process.

None of that would have happened if I was fixated on a set way of getting what I wanted.  So please note, there are many ways for you to get what you want. You just have to be open so YOU CAN ACTUALLY SEE THE OPPORTUNITIES, when they present themselves to you.  I hope this makes sense to you and as always please feel free to share this with anyone who may benefit from it, and comment on my Facebook page and Twitter feed.  Till next week, to  your success.

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