Tuesday, July 12, 2016


Good day and I hope you are having a great week. As I am writing this post, there are allot of emotions all over the country over tragedies of Police officers being killed in Dallas, and many incidents of African American youths being killed by Police officers in different states.  There is allot of hate going on right now.  There is allot of anger and need for justice and even revenge on people's minds.  When we as humans feel these type of feelings, it is coming from a part of us that is designed to protect us.  The same instinctual region that protected us from the Dinosaurs. It is an ancient part of our DNA.

If these instincts are allowed to attract more and more opportunities, as it happens when we concentrate on these emotions more and more, then the manifestations are actions that are animalistic and revengeful.  Even though in the short term these actions seem "FAIR" or "JUST" or "WHAT WE WANT", in the long run these actions only lead to a negative feedback loop that just brings more and more hate.  The only people coming out, on top in these situations are the various media channels who love to latch on to stories of death, and malice, and the hate mongers. 

You wont want to hear what I believe needs to be said. You won't want to hear what I  believe the correct course of action should be.  You are wrapped as I am in strong emotions.  It is understandable.  It is right. It is normal. But you HAVE TO RAISE THE VIBRATION.  You have to do this the closer to the incidences you happen to be, because you are now sending major waves of vibrations.  I cannot in any imaginable way feel what the families of all the victims feel, and will not pretend that I understand, but I implore you to listen not with intellect, but with your heart and allow it to expand and you will realize that there is only one answer. The answer is FORGIVENESS.  

Forgive DOES NOT mean no consequences.  Forgive DOES NOT mean forget.  Forgive has nothing to do with justice.  FORGIVENESS is for YOU to be able to move off the negativity and get back to manifesting what you want, instead of what don't want.  

In this picture, I am standing next to the "SURVIVOR TREE" at the Ground Zero memorial in New York.  This was the 8' stump of the only living thing left near the twin towers when they came down.  The stump was taken and cared for and over a decade grew into what you see.  The only energy that plants and animals can give is by instinct survival.  Do you think if this tree was mad, and angry at the senseless acts that lead to the tragedy of 9/11 it could have had the energy to heal? The answer is a resounding "No".  Only good energy heals.  You cannot heal with anger and revenge.  You cannot heal with pain and despair.  The road BACK to healing and positive manifestation begins with Forgiveness.  

Please pass on this message.  Our nation is right now in the midst of too much negativity, and I am here to tell you that one person can make a difference.  One person can change their own vibration and share it with another person who can then share it with another person and on and on...One by one send this post to others, share and pay it forwards.  Practice forgiveness and use the hashtag #FORGIVENSSMATTERS to build a discussion and sharing and healing.  Tweet #FORGIVENSSMATTERS, use it on your Facebook and link my Facebook page to it here. Tweet me on your posts. Blog about it.  Talk it out.  There is healing in the power of spoken word, when used productively.  We need to get this out and change the negative vibration and we can do this one person, one share, one tweet, and one FB post at a time.  The situation started slow and expanded into this hate.  It can also be STOPPED by one person passing along the message, then another, then another.  #forgivenssmatters. 

I hope this makes you think and help you deal with the emotionally charged issues in our country.  I hope you find some peace, or at least another way of dealing with the situations as apposed to relying on anger.  Let me know what you think on my Facebook page and Twiter.  Till next week, to your success and healing. 

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