Tuesday, July 26, 2016


Good day and I hope you are having a great week. Last week I was in Nashville, TN and while downtown enjoying the variety of live music, I notices something that relates to the topics we discuss here with regards to success and The Law of Attraction (LOA).  The artists that perform at the various bars, rely largely on tips. There were many ways that they approached this. Some had a Tip Jar in front of the stage. Many repeatedly mentioned that they “only are compensated by tips” and asked for donations after every few songs. Many took requests for donations.  One band in particular though did all that but also something a little more which demonstrated the power of expectation.

The lead singer, a young lady about 4’ 2”, would come down the stage and walk from table to table with the tip jar in her hand and converse with the patrons after every 30 or so minutes of playing. She would ask “where are you guys from? How are you enjoying Nashville? What are you doing in town?” and all the time she would push out her tip jar, not in a rude, or pushy way, but in an honest EXPECTATION of what she deserved. She would not move, until she received what she wanted, and again not in an obnogtious  way, but something in her intent just came across as different and I rarely saw people not tipping her. I also found myself readily tipping her and so did all my colleagues at the table.

Later that night, I wanted to see what it was that compelled me to tip readily when at the other bars, I did not feel the same inclination? I really could not put my finger on it. The only thing that I could come up with was the fact that she genuinely expected to be tipped for the service she had performed.  There did not seem to be any hesitancy or lack of faith in her intend.  She was confident, and poised. She was talented sure, but so where the hundreds of bands that were playing in the various bars lining Broadway. It was not just talent.  It was not the alcohol. It was something in the vibration that she exuded.  IT WAS EXPECTATION. 

This is very important for us when we set out  to achieving desired result.  Had she came from a place of uncertainty, or lack, I doubt the results would have been as prosperous, no pun intended.  When we send out the vibration of desire, especially when it is something we consider “large”   the doubt is, the one great resistance that will delay the manifestation of what we want. I put the word LARGE in quotes because it is only our beliefs about a desire that will make it big or small. To the universe manifesting a million dollars is the same as manifesting a parking space, is the same as manifesting a cup of coffee.  It is only us, that give it the degree of difficulty. It is a very hard thing to grasp and I also struggle with it at times.  I just have to keep on reminding myself that the Source does not have or set limitation for us. The Source always protects us sure, but there is no limitation in what we can or cannot manifest.  It is only our upbringing that has taught, and ingrained in us the degrees of what is and what is not possible, and by extrapolation what is hard and takes a long time and what is simple and does not. 

To A multi-millionaire who has issues with his family life, manifesting a half a million dollar deal may be a piece of cake but relating to his children may seem an arduous task. To you and I, relating to our kids is instantaneous.  It is all a matter of perspective, and yes, in some ways practice and comfort.  Please remember it is not the difficulty level, but how comfortable we feel and what expectation we have.

Expect what you desire. Expect it as yours and coming to you. Be ready to let it go, if it is not for your best interest. Know that the Universe will take care of that part. You just follow the opportunities and take action as they are presented to you and know that the best thing for you at the right time will happen.  I hope this makes sense. If you have questions on this post or any other please leave me a comment on the Facebook link of this post, and tweet me on my Twitterfeed. Till next week, to your continued success. 

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