Tuesday, August 2, 2016


Good day and I hope you are having a great week. This week I am sharing a really bad day where I lost it. My scarcity trigger is activated whenever I feel like I am being cheated and specifically when I can't fight it or do anything about it.  Such incident happened in Cancun on my vacation at the Dolphin Discovery. They charged my family double the cost of the entire activity just to get our photos.  I was helpless because I wanted the pictures since they do not allow you to bring your own camera, and at the same time I did not want to give this place any more of my business. What ensued was a series of mistakes on my part vibrationally that just sent the whole day into a negative tale spin.
I am sharing this with you for 2 reasons. One is of course for the obvious fact that loosing your cool is not really productive. The 2nd one, is so you can realize that even though I have been teaching The Law of Attraction  (LOA) for over 6 years, I am not infallible. Everyone makes mistakes. Tomorrow is a new day and we can start all over.  Give yourself a break if you happen to make a mistake like I did. Enjoy the video. Make sure to post comments on my Facebook Page and Twitter Feed.

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