Tuesday, July 19, 2016


Good day and I hope you are having a great week. This week, I wanted to touch base on a term called GRACE and see how it applies from the stand point of The Law of Attraction (LOA).  I want to continue the thought from last week and attempt to show that even in times when we don’t think we should be nice, it is to our best interest to do so.

Graceby definition is “unmerited divine assistance” However you choose to see the word “divine”,  do not get hung up on the semantics.  If you happen to be spiritual then that is great, if you have a hard time with the whole religion thing, that is OK too. Divine can be defined for you as the SOURCE of all the energy of which we are a part. 

In the discussion of the LOA I have explored, and many teachers teach, that you can only get what you first give.  I have given the example of exercise  to make it easy to grasp the concept.  When you want to increase your power, you first go and put out power (GIVE)  in the form of weight training etc. and as you gain muscles your power increases (RECEIVE).  I pointed this out in the posts about money and relationships, but how cool it is that grace can apply here as well? After all I personally would love to have assistance come to me weather I need it or not.

Do you see then that as you go about your day, you can build the reservoir of your BANKED GRACE? When you give the person who does not deserve it the benefit of the doubt and choose to see the good in them, you are sending the vibration to the Universe that you want more situations to feel that great positive emotion,  and yes when you happen to need it, there is plenty of that vibration available for you. 

In our world of fast pace electronic information, it is easy to find fault with people all over the world. After all that is the only thing that will make the news.  The next time you are about to judge someone, take a minute and without judging just display some grace.  When you judge and get angry and emotional, you are only hurting yourself anyway.  The person on the other side of the world, or even in front of you will not be changed by your antagonistic opinions.  By default we all get defensive when people judge us. By giving unmerited assistance and understanding though,  you can make a difference and an impression, both of which are just the icing on the cake because just like forgiveness, grace is for you and not for the person you are giving it to.  You are creating a vibration to be positive and it feels allot better than being judgmental. 

I hope this makes sense to you. I hope you benefit from it. Feel free to share this post with anyone who may need it. Comment on my Facebook page and Twitter feed, and until next week, to your success.

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