Tuesday, March 8, 2011


Good day. I hope you are having a great week. When you first read the title of this post what has your response? Did you take a deep dive into the answer or was it a gut response? Was the response positive or not so positive? Where I want to go with this is to fine tune our understanding of simple yet effective and proven method of achieving financial success and to also prove to you that no matter who you are and what current situation you are in, you can achieve it. The only requirement is that you have to want it more than what is comfortable right now so you will take action. So many people look at successful people and automatically become envious, or jealous or think that fate has looked favorably on them somehow. They think that it is so “easy for them, but not for me”. Others believe that financial success somehow will make them a bad person. As though if you are financially successful you cannot be a good person. It comes from the mentality that if you are successful then you must have screwed someone to get there. Well this blog is about success, and the Law of Attraction and therefore it is only going to approach the subject from a positive point of view and one that put the onus of responsibility on you. If you are ready read on. Even if you are not ready read on because this may be the wake up call you need. There is a reason why you are here reading this right now. It means that somewhere, somehow you are in tune with the vibration of success. That is a good thing and you should be grateful.
Let me ask you a question that I heard a mentor of mine ask me when I first started to engage in work that involved sales. I am talking about the grind of cold calling and selling life insurance and financial services. Here I was, mostly educated in the medical field, after 3 years of medical school due to some twist of faith working for a multilevel marketing company to pay the rent. I had no idea what to expect. All my life sales were looked at as second-class work. I don’t know how this perspective was developed in me, but it probably had to do with the fact that my parents were professionals with “employee” mindset. There were no real businessmen or entrepreneurs in my immediate family when I was growing up. The question was this: “if you knew that after making 50 calls per hour every day for a year some one would write you a check for $1,000,000 would you have a different attitude to making those calls? Would you feel differently about the rejections? Would you care if people told you it could not be done? Or ask you what are you doing?”  He told me sales is something we do every day of our lives. But most people approach it with the fear of “what if they say no?” You should take the rejections as a great results because it makes you one more step closer to the check. Remember that you will be getting the check only if you make the calls. So the more “No”s you get the closer you are to the payday.
I am not telling you to go and be a sales rep, what I am telling you is that the way you look at what you are doing right now has a direct bearing on weather you will succeed or fail. No matter what you are doing right now that statement holds true. Even if you hate the work you do, have challenges at where you work, what ever is the case, step up to the plate and take responsibility for the fact that you are there because you have been thinking and concentrating on thoughts, and vibrations that have put you there. That’s right. It is you. Most likely you have no idea why or even that it has been the case. That is the ‘A HA’ moment when most people learn about the Law of Attraction. The good news is you can change all that and the first step starts with being grateful for all that you have right now and the second step involves thinking of your job the way a sales rep thinks about cold calling. You have to be excited about what you do and do it with all the passion and excellence you can muster. You may ask I don’t give a crap about my job. It just pays the bills why do I want to waste my energy on something I don’t like? The answer is because as long as you think like that you will continue to get the same crap that you have been getting. You have to change the level of your vibration and your thinking. Successful people do every thing they do to the best of their abilities regardless of what it is. They learn to like what they do and because of that opportunities and success will find them. I have heard it said that you should not be doing what you don’t like in the first place and that if you do what you love the money will come. Well sometimes that is not an option. For most of us what we went to school and studies because of our passions is not our field of employment. If you are doing what you love count your blessings. The good news however is that the reason you are not doing what you love is FEAR, and it can be overcome. For the most part we compromise our deep felt desires for the comfort zones of life because we think what we are seeing in the real world shapes our future instead of seeing the reality that our visions and dreams and thoughts are what shapes our reality. Albert Einstein said, “Reality is an illusion, albeit a persistent one”. Do you see the depth of that statement? We compromise because somewhere along the way we loose the ability to believe in our dreams. That is why success is elusive because success comes to those who as Susan Jeffers puts is “feel the fear and do it anyway”.
Getting back to what you are doing now. If you can start to feel good about what you are doing now, you will raise your vibration and reduce the resistance to the opportunities that will allow you to dream again and to actually live your dreams. Learn more about what you are doing. See the good you are accomplishing. Feel the pride of what you are doing. Don’t boast, but do feel the pride. You can feel pride in any thing that you do that does not break the laws of God or man. HEY worst-case scenario it will make the day go by faster and make you feel better about yourself. Thinking and acting this way is not only good for your finances but also for you health.
You have to try this and be persistence, and you will see results if you truly start to appreciate what you are doing. I promise you that. Do not sabotage your future by dismissing this. Do not mock it by giving it a half ass try. As you can tell this is a topic of passion for me. I have seen so many young people with so much potential that have not had the guidance to believe in their dreams.
It takes work but the funny thing about taking pride in your work is that when you feel the pride, the work does not seem difficult. You may even enjoy what you do. If you don’t you will soon be presented with opportunities to change. Be open to opportunities; keep your goals and dreams in the fore front of your attention and you will see the opportunities that were not obvious to you. Then take ACTION.
This is the first step. In the next post I will show you how to ensure your success once you have found the pride and satisfaction in what you do.
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