Tuesday, March 22, 2011


Previously I had talked about a family member of mine who was in a negative mental state and I was trying to turn his concentration to positive by teaching him about the Law of Attraction, but he constantly went into how the financial situation he was in was bad and how he is facing it every day and it is hard, and it is tough and on and on. I felt like I was talking to a wall. Recently I was humbled because I was in a similar situation, where at least I understood how he felt and I wanted to share that with you and tell you how easy it is to come out of such a negative state of mind when everything around you screams negativity. It is easy to come out of it but it is not the way most people would think.
My daughter had recently had surgery on both eyes, so her sleep cycle was messed up. My newborn had a bad night. Both my wife and I were extremely tiered and I had just came back from a business trip and trying to give my wife a rest so she could go and get some fresh air and work out.  I offered to take the kids for a few hours. During this time the kids were on their worst behavior. At least that was my perspective. In reality they were just being kids. I was about to pull the hair out of my head and if you have seen my picture you will notice I do not have any hair. It was one of those situations where I could not end the chaos. No matter what I tried I felt I was in a deep hole with no way out. That is what I want to bring into focus. When you are in a situation like that it is extremely difficult to turn it around. I have said this before that it is not about hitting home runs, but about hitting base hits but even that approach does not work sometimes when you are feeling total hopelessness around you. When you are faced with a situation where everything seemingly is going wrong you mental energy is so negative that just attempting to think of little positive steps is at times impossible. The best thing to do and the only way I was able to get out of my rut is to just end that day. Some how go to sleep, pray, what ever will make you comfortable. Just go to sleep and the next day try to start with little steps like “thank God my babies are both healthy”, or “ I am so happy and grateful that I have a roof over my head”, or “ I am so grateful that I have a car to drive to work instead of taking the bus”.  For me it was the realization that there are some people who can not have children that would give anything to have the tireless night I had with my two youngsters. Eventually the night ended. The next day with a fresh mindset, even though I was tiered the day progressed getting better and better. I finally came to the realization that if you want to turn your mental attitude around to manifest a better future for yourself you cannot do it when you are in a negative frame of mind.  No matter how hard you try, those emotional feelings are what gives power to our visualization as I have mentioned in my book Road Map to Life as well as this blog on how to use the Law of Attraction.
You need to be in a neutral state in terms of feelings  at the very least, to have any success with manifesting your desires and be on your way to building your positive mind and your reality.
All it takes is that one night that you can go to sleep, and end the pain that happened all day long. Early the next morning try to as much as you can to come up with a fresh perspective. Take a walk outside, breath the fresh air. Look at the wonderful sun, the grass, the freedom you enjoy.  Slowly look for things you can be thankful for, and be grateful for the things you have. With those tiny little step you take small progressions to feeling a little bit better and better and that will bring in more of the feelings for you to feel better, and very soon the negativity will neutralize and will move you to the positive.

I hope this will help you in times where everything seems lost. Keep the faith that the sun will rise tomorrow and with it there are new opportunities and new realities. You have a choice of how your tomorrow will look.

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