Tuesday, March 1, 2011


Good day all,
Today I wanted to touch on a subject about the Law of Attraction that I mistakenly saw as a challenge and wondered if any one else was having the same reaction.
About a month ago I made a business trip to Madison Wisconsin when we had that major storm. As a result of that storm my 2-day trip ended up being a 5-day trip. During this time my 2-month-old daughter was going through a bout of reflux and my wife had to deal with 2 kids, doctor visit, getting the drugs etc while I was out of town. I could hear the sense of frustration in my wife’s voice on the phone and what was killing me was the fact that I could do nothing about it. I kept on wondering what is it that I am attracting these “bad situations” at the time when I am out of town? Why do things go “wrong” exactly when I am out of town?
Finally when the airline notified me that I was able to get out from Milwaukee, I did a bit of soul searching on the drive from Madison to Milwaukee. What surprised me as I concentrated on the situation was the chain of events leading to this trip in week’s prior. My baby had been having feeding issues for a few weeks. Neither my wife nor I were getting any rest at night for the past few weeks. This business trip popped up on my radar a few weeks back and it was one I could not avoid. Most importantly when I was delayed many of my customers could not make it to their work so I had plenty of time to rest in the hotel and during the night. It seems crass but the more I thought about it the more I realized that Law of Attraction was actually bringing me what I needed and what was in my best interest. I needed the rest and circumstances gave that rest to me. I tried fighting it a bit but I also have realized that if I keep on fighting, I usually make a mess of things.
Now the stress on me when talking and thinking about my wife back at home was real but the point is that each of us can only control what is happening to us by our thoughts. I could not think good circumstances for my wife and I am sure the fact that 2 kids were giving her a hard time started a chain of downward spirals and the fact that she was tiered made things worse, no matter how positive of a person she is.
When I did get back home having been fully rested, I could give her the much-needed rest and we both started to crate a more calm and enjoyable feeding routine for our child.
Once you get into the groove of monitoring and controlling your thoughts the Law of Attraction will be looking out for your best interest sometimes without you even being aware of it. That is a cool thing. Sometimes you just need to go with it and trust that it is happening for your best interest.
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