Tuesday, March 29, 2011


For about 4 years I have been working with LOA. In general, I have not had any problem making it work. I have used LOA to try to manifest a life filled with wealth happiness and success. There have been times however, contrary to what I have been taught, that I have tried to dictate how I want a certain success to come to me. That is a mistake allot of people make. Originally when I was introduced to LOA the recipe for manifesting something entailed visualizing, and concentrating and taking action when opportunities presented themselves. The how was never my responsibility. The how rests in the power of the universe. For example I wanted to purchase a particular material luxury. So I concentrated on a specific amount of money to come to me through various sources for various services I rendered, by a certain time. At the end of that time frame I wanted to purchase that specific material thing for myself with the money. As time went by and I did not get what I wanted I started wondering why? I knew it was not the Law of Attraction. The laws of universe are always working. For example I read in the MASTER KEY SYSTEM a great point: When a bridge falls down you do not blame the law of gravity. Some thing in the creation of the bridge was faulty, i.e. the operator had made a mistake not the universal law.  When I went back and took inventory I noticed that everything that I actually wanted to have I already had. When I visualize in ideals, such as great career, great family and relationships, no hardship of money etc, they have happened. However when I specifically wanted to get the money though specific actions to purchase what I wanted the money came and went for other things. I realized that I was not putting my concentration on the final results, i.e. the material thing I wanted but on gaining the money to purchase it. In fact I was trying to tell the LOA exactly how I wanted to arrive at my destination. I was trying to force the issue through ways that may not have been the best for me.
Moral of the story is if you concentrate on the big picture of what you want in your life and leave the how to work itself out it is much more likely that you will manifest what you want in a more efficient and quicker way than if you try to force a particular path of achieving your goal. You do not know all the working of the universe, and hence you are working from a limited perspective. It is like trying to built a house by putting on the roof first because that is all you see you can achieve where as the Universe can start putting the foundation of the house and building up the house before the roof.
I want you to learn from my mistake. Focus on the end result and not the how of that result. If you want a material thing focus on having and enjoying that and not the money to buy it. For the longest time I wanted someone to come and help my wife with our two kids during the day but the idea of getting such help seemed “too expensive”.  Can you believe that? Well even though I had doubt the difficulties with our kids must have really focused my attention because my wife met a lady in the grocery store who offered her help and who happened to have a daughter a few years older than my daughter. See things just happen to work out. Now we have a new friend, my kids are learning Spanish and have a friend to play with at the same time.  It still amazes me how things just work if I let them work.

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